This is denoted by pain in the back and loins, heat in the vagina, painful copulation, painful and irregular menstruation, constipation and diarrhoea in alternation, irritable bladder, etc. The mouth of the womb can be more readily felt than is natural, feeling spongy and hot, and very tender on pressure. It may be ulcerated, and bleed upon the slightest touch. The patient has all the symptoms of dyspepsia, hysteria, neuralgia, palpitation, cough, and difficulty of breathing. It is directly caused by weakness of the broad and lateral ligaments, and remotely by various causes. It is a disease severe in its effects, causing much suffering and impairment of health.

TREATMENT. -- The patient should observe perfect quietude. The inflammation and ulceration of the womb treated as previously described. The womb should be gently replaced to its normal position, the bowels kept open by mild laxatives, and the vagina injected with a warm decoction of hemlock and white oak bark. Pessaries do more harm than good, but abdominal supporter to sustain the weight of the bowels should be worn in all cases. (See page 370)