GANGLION, A name generally given to a knot-like enlargement in the course of a nerve.

GANGRENE, Privation of life or partial death of an organ; mortification.

GASTRIC, Relating to the stomach.

GELATINE, An immediate animal principle of jelly-like character.

GENITALIA, The genital or sexual organs.

GLAND, Organs which, separate from the blood any fluid whatever; a secreting organ; the  reddish and spongy, knot-like bodies met with in the course of the lymphatics.

GLUTEN, An immediate principle of vegetables; it is soft, of a grayish white, viscid  consistence, and very elastic.      GRANULATION, Granulations are the reddish, conical, flesh-like shoots which form at the  surface of wounds and ulcers.

GRAVID, Pregnant.

GRUMOUS, Clotted; grumous blood is coagulated or clotted blood.

HALLUCINATION, A morbid error in one or more senses; a delusion.

HELICINE, Resembling in form the tendrils of a vine.

HEMORRHAGE, A flow of blood.

HEPATIC, Relating to the liver.

HYGIENIC, Relating to hygiene, or that part of medicine whose object is the preservation of  health.

HYPERTROPHY, The state of a part in which nutrition is performed with greater activity.  Unusual bulk of a part.

HYPNOTIC, A medicine having the power to promote or cause sleep.

HYPOSPADIAS, A malformation, in which the urethra opens at the base or beneath the penis.

IDIOPATHIC, A primary disease; one not dependent on any other.

IDIOSYNCRASY, A peculiarity of constitution, in which one person is affected by an agent  which in many others would produce no effect.

INDOLENT, This, in a medical sense, means painless.

INDURATION, The hardness which occasionally follows in an inflamed part.

INFUSORIA, The animalcules originating in decomposition of matter.

INGESTA, Substances introduced into the body by the mouth as food.

INSPISSATED, Rendered thick, as an extract.

INTEGUMENT, Anything which serves to cover or envelop.

INTEROSSEOUS, Between the bones.

JACTATION, Extreme anxiety, excessive restlessness--a symptom observed in serious diseases.

KYESTEIN, A peculiar pellicle forming on the urine of a pregnant woman, when allowed to  stand for a few days.

LACRYMAL, Belonging to the tears.

LESION, Derangement, disorder, any morbid change.

LIGAMENT, A fibrous substance, serving to unite bones and to form joints.

LIGATURE, A cord or thread with which an artery or tumor is tied.

LUMBAR, Pertaining to the loins.

LYMPH, A name given to the fluids contained in the lymphatic vessels.

LYMPHATICS, The vessels conveying lymph.