TAXIS, A pressure exerted by the hand on a hernial tumor for the purpose of reducing it.

TISSUE, The various parts which, by union, form the organs.

THORACIC, Relating or belonging to the chest.

TOPICAL, Local; remedies locally applied.

TOXICAL, Poisonous.

TUBERCLE, A tumor in the substance of an organ, as of the lung.

URINE, The secretion of the kidney.

URINARY, Relating to the urine.

UTERUS, The womb.

UTERINE, Relating or belonging to the womb.

VACCINE, Relating to the matter used for vaccination.

VASCULAR, Relating to vessels; arterial, venous or lymphatic.

VENEREAL, Relating to the pleasure of love.

VERTEBRAE, Bones of the spinal column.

VESICLE, A small bladder or cyst.

VIROSE, Possessed of noxious properties.

VIRUS, Literally, a poison; an unknown principle, inappreciable by the senses, which is the  agent for the transmission of infectious diseases.

VISCERAL, Relating or belonging to the viscera, or entrails.

VULNERARY, Medicines considered capable of favoring the consolidating of wounds; only a  property of plants.

ZYMOTIC, Relating or appertaining to fermentation.