A medal and Diploma has been given by the Centennial Exposition to our ELASTIC TRUSS.

Thus confirming the verdicts which have heretofore been given by the American Institute, the Brooklyn Industrial Institute and the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition, all the above institute having given the highest awards, Silver Medals and Diplomas, for superiority over all for the Elastic Truss and Supporter, because of its excellence and cheapness. There is no superior truss, with the exception of our Champion Truss (page 342, which cannot be excelled), but in very many cases the Elastic Truss is just as food and better at less than half the price. The success and universal satisfaction they have given, as well as the great number of radical cures they have effected, has demonstrated the fact that rupture can be surely cured without suffering and annoyancy, and without any danger of incurring spinal disease or paralysis, often caused by the severe pressure of metal trusses and supporters. It holds the rupture securely in all positions in which the body may be placed, and may be adjusted to fit any figure by loosening or tightening the buckles. These appliances are manufactured for us by the Elastic Truss Company, who guarantee each truss made to be perfect in every respect.

 Price of the Double Truss is. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$8.00
 Price of the Single Truss is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5.00
 Infants' and Children's Trusses. . . . . . . . . . . . .   6.00

Children's Trusses are always made with double attachments, hence no distinction in price is made between single and double. This price to some may seem large, but when we consider that one of these Trusses, if properly worn, is sure to cure the worst cases of Hernia in a child (without torture), it is the cheapest investment that can be made.

For Children in all cases a complete cure will be guaranteed, without pain or annoyance, as it can be worn with as much ease and efficacy by an infant of a week's age as by an adult; an attribute that no other Truss yet invented possesses. Send us the size of the patient around the entire body on a line with the rupture; state whether right or left side, or if both sides; give us the distance between the centre of the two openings after the intestines are returned to the abdomen, and which side is the worse, if any difference, and all particulars, if any.