This is inflammation of the substance of the tongue, involving its muscular structure. It usually commences with a throbbing pain in the tongue, followed soon after with redness and swelling. In the course of a few hours, the tongue enlarges so much as to fill the whole mouth, forces open the jaws, and protrudes from the mouth. Some fever usually accompanies it. Swallowing is usually almost impossible, speech gone, abscesses may form, and the tongue may even become mortified.

TREATMENT. -- If due to a disordered state of the stomach, an active lobelia emetic should be given, and followed with an anti-bilious purge, like the Renovating Pill. If due to scalds or burns, the mouth should be washed with mucilage of flaxseed and slippery elm. If due to mercury, vapor baths should be taken, a free use of the syrup of stillingia resorted to, and equal parts of charcoal and yeast used as a gargle.