MEDICINAL PART. The berries.
    Description. -- This is a small evergreen shrub, never attaining the height of a tree, with many very close branches. The leaves are attached to the stem in threes. The fruit is fleshy, of dark-purplish color, ripening the second year from the flower.
    History. -- Juniper grows in dry woods and hills, and flowers in May. The American berries contain less virtue than those imported from Europe. The oil is contained in the spirituous liquor called Holland gin. The berries yield their properties to hot water and alcohol.
    Properties and Uses. -- The berries and oil are stimulating, carminative, and diuretic. It is especially useful in averting mucous discharges, especially from the urethra.
    Dose. -- Of the berries, from one to two drachms; of the oil, from four to twenty minims.