The following articles, so necessary in many instances, will be sent, prepaid by mail, securely packed from observation. We offer them to our patrons because of their being in many respects superior to others offered for sale at double the price we ask for them.

Ear Trumpets

The conversation tube suits the most obstinate cases of deafness and is particularly convenient at the dinner-table and in company, as private conversations can be carried on without attracting the attention of others.

Conversation Tubes -- Worsted, Silk, Ivory Mounts, $3, $5, $10.

German Silver $8
Nickle Plated   $5

Nickle Plated   $5

There are thousands of persons with one or both ears supposed to be perfectly useless, who in many cases might hear very well were the sonorous undulations conveyed to them by artificial Ear Trumpets, thus drawing blood to the parts and restoring healthy action. The hearing will thus be greatly improved, if not altogether cured.


We have taken great pains to have the urinals offered below, light, soft, durable and of a fine finish. They are manufactured from the finest quality of vulcanized rubber.

Fig. 91 represents a Day and Night Urinal. The long tube connecting the scrotal and penis portion to the reservoir will allow the wearer to move and turn in bed without changing the position of the reservoir. This tube can be removed and the other portions joined together, which permits it to be worn during the day while attending to business. Fig. 94 has a perfect scrotal support attached.

Children's Urinals, with resrvoir, $4; without reservoir, $3.