MEDICINAL PART. The concrete juice.
    Description. -- This is a large tree, often having a diameter exceeding four feet, and attaining an altitude of one hundred and forty feet. Leaves are short, scattered, mucronate, dark-green, and glossy above.
    History. -- It is an inhabitant of Germany, Russia, and Norway, and other northern parts of Europe, as well as of Asia. It affords the Frankincense of commerce, which, when boiled in water and strained, forms the officinal Burgundy Pitch.
    Properties and Uses. -- Burgundy Pitch is generally used externally to produce a redness of the surface, with a slight serous exhalation. It is employed as a counter-irritant in chronic diseases of the lungs, stomach, intestines, etc., and is regarded with favor as a local application in rheumatic affections.