Mumps is an inflammatory affection of the salivary glands, especially the parotids. It generally commences with slight fever, stiffness of the jaws, and a slight pain or swelling in one or both parotid glands. The parts are hot, painful, and very tender upon pressure. Mastication and swallowing become painful, which causes considerable nervous irritability. Metastasis to the breasts of the female and to testicles of the male is liable to occur, especially if the patient is subjected to undue exposure. Inflammation of the brain may occur in some cases. It reaches its height in about four days, disappearing entirely about the seventh.

TREATMENT. -- Keep the patient quiet, and give a mild purge. For external application a liniment of goose-fat and camphor is very beneficial. If there be much fever, resort to the usual anti-febrile treatment. If inflammation of the brain should ensue, resort to active cathartics, and give small doses of macrotin and quinine. The "Herbal Ointment" will be found a superior remedy, see page 469.