This is characterized either by acute, sub-acute, or chronic inflammation of the pharynx. There is slight pain upon pressure, or in the act of swallowing. It is seldom attended with fever, but in severe cases abscesses may form, causing great difficulty in swallowing and breathing. In the acute form the inflammation is usually limited to the mucous membrane, and simply constitutes an erythematic affection. The chronic form is known as "clergyman's sore throat," and is attended with a dry, hacking cough, hoarseness, and a sense of fatigue of the vocal organs after a slight exercise.

TREATMENT. -- The treatment of simple pharyngitis is but little more than merely to regulate the stomach and bowels, the external application of cold packs, and a few days' rest. In the chronic form an invigorating and tonic course of treatment should be pursued, in connection with rest, baths, and pure air. To relieve the local difficulty, one grain of stillingia may be mixed with a drachm of sugar, divided into ten powders, of which one should be taken every two hours. The inhalation of hot vapor from bitter herbs is to be recommended. Blood-root in connection with constitutional treatment is highly beneficial. Patients will find that my "Acacian Balsam" in the chronic form is a virtual specific; the Herbal Ointment should also be outwardly applied. If owing to a complicated constitutional disorder, or if it exists in association with catarrh, it constitutes an affection requiring the most skilful treatment, and those who may wish my advice in such cases may refer to page 390 for general directions for consultation.