Admitting the delicacy of the subject, it is, however, eminently within the province of the medical writer to teach the scientific bearings of the marital prerogative of the sexes, inasmuch as health, as well as civilization, is greatly dependent upon the purity of that relation. While I condemn such literature which is elementarily and purposely suggestive, I have but little sympathy with that prudish modesty which is outraged by everything appertaining to the special characteristics of sex. The author shall, in the consideration of the subject, not attempt to offend healthy conservatism, yet, at the same time, the subject is too important to discuss it with undue reserve or by unintelligent circumlocution. The essays are not written to gratify immoral curiosity, but to edify those who wish to learn and be governed by the correct principles of the philosophy appertaining to the marital union of the sexes. And as this work is specially intended to educate the popular, and not the professional mind, it is proper and quite consonant with every moral consideration, that it should contain such general knowledge as all should know for proper guidance in matters pertaining to the organs of reproduction.

It is quite important for all to know the anatomy of the genitalia of both sexes. I shall, therefore, prepare this special part of this work with the anatomy of the organs of both sexes.