Also a contagious disease. The eruption is in the shape of pimples of a scarlet hue, displayed in patches over the whole surface. The fever is usually more intense than in measles, and accompanied by sore throat, swollen face, and coated tongue. The greatest degree of redness is attained at the third or fourth day. The decline is the same as in measles. Scarlet fever is distinguished from other diseases by the swollen condition of the flesh, which spreads out the fingers peculiarly. The throat becomes ulcerated, and swallowing is attended with pain and difficulty. There is no cough, which also distinguishes it from measles.

The following will show the difference between scarlet fever and measles:

In Scarlet Fever.

The eruption is bright scarlet.
    It appears on the second day.
    Is quite smooth to the touch.
    Is in small round spots.
    Disappears on pressure.
    The face is quite dry.

In Measles.

The eruption is dark-red color.
    Does not appear till the fourth day.
    Is raised.
    Is larger and crescnet-shaped.
    Does not disappear.
    Face swelled; running from the eyes and nose.

TREATMENT. -- This should be cooling in its nature, cooling drinks, sponging with cold water, etc. In ordinary cases little more is required, excepting a few drops of tincture of belladonna may be given several times per day. When high fever exists, give the remedies advised in measles. Hot foot-baths are advisable. As this is a prostrative disease, beef-tea and the ordinary stimulants should be given from the first. What is called malignant scarlet fever is only a severer form than the above. Gargles of sage and Cayenne pepper are used to allay the throat aftections. The abscesses in the region of-the ear, and consequent deafness, can be obviated by subduing the inflammation of that part by the usual methods.