This is an acute inflammation of the entire skin, of an infectious and contagious nature. It is ushered in with chills, followed by heat, drowsiness, pain in head, back, and limbs, sore throat, dry cough, and other symptoms common to febrile action, growing in violence until the fourth day. Then the eruption appears, producing heat and itching. The breaking out appears in patches of half-moon shape, which distinguishes this disease from the other eruptive diseases. They reach their height at the fifth day on the face and neck, and on the legs about the seventh day. Their decline is in the same order as appearance, disappearing about the tenth day, when the scarfskin peals off in the shape of scurf.

TREATMENT. -- If the attack be a mild one, all the treatment necessaxy consists in light diet, acid and demulcent drinks, as flaxseed-tea decoction of slippery-elm, etc. Sponging with tepid water is very grateful to the sufferer in all cases. If during the first stage the eruption should be tardy in its coming, it should be hastened by a warm bath, and sweating drinks made from saffron, mullein, pennyroyal, summer savory, etc. If tardy on account of excessive fever, give tincture of green hellebore, ipecac, lobelia, snake-root, etc. In enfeebled constitutions stimulants axe necessary.