But here also there may be found a sign of the non-completed as well as of the completed cure of the internal syphilis which has not yet broken out into the venereal disease; but this sign will only manifest itself to an exact observer. In case the chancre has been driven out through local application, even if the remedies used had not been very acrid, there will always remain in the place where it stood, as a sign of the unextinguished internal syphilis, a discolored, reddish, red or blue scar; while on the contrary when the cure of the whole venereal disease has been effected by the internal remedy, and if thus the chancre heals of itself without the action of an external application, and when it disappears because it is no more needed as a substitute and alleviator of an internal venereal disorder which now has ceased, then the spot of the former chancre can no more be recognized, for the skin covering that place will be just as smooth and of the same color as the rest, so that no trace can be discerned of the spot where the chancre had stood.

Now if the Homoeopathic physician has carefully taken cognizance of the presence of the discolored scar remaining after the quick, merely local expulsion of the venereal local symptom, as a sign of the unextinguished internal syphilis, and if the person to be healed is otherwise in good health, and consequently his venereal disorder is not yet complicated with Psora, he will also, even now, be able to free him from every remainder of the venereal miasma by one dose of the best preparation of Mercury as above described, and he will be convinced that the cure is completed, from the fact that during the time of the activity of the specific remedy the scar will again assume the healthy color of the other skin and all discoloration of that spot will disappear.

Even when, after the expulsion of the chancre by local applications, the bubo has already broken out but the patient is not yet seized with any other chronic disease, and consequently the internal syphilis is not yet complicated with a developed Psora (which is nevertheless a rare case), the same treatment will also here, while the bubo is only developing, produce a cure; and its completion will be recognized by the same signs.

In booth cases, if they have been rightly treated, the cure is a complete one, and no outbreak of the venereal disease need any more be apprehended.

The most difficult of all these cases, the third, is still to be treated: when the man at the time of the syphilitic infection was already laboring under a chronic disease, so that his syphilis was complicated with Psora, even while the chancre yet existed, or when, even while there was no chronic disease in the body at the outbreak of the chancre, and the indwelling Psora could only be recognized by its tokens, an allopathic physician has, nevertheless, destroyed the local symptom, not only slowly and with very painful external applications, but has also subjected him for a long time to an internal treatment, weakening and strongly affecting him, so that the general health has been undermined and the Psora which has as yet been latent within him has been brought to its development and has broken out into chronic ailments, and these irre-pressibly combine with the internal syphilis, the local symptom of which had been at the same time destroyed in such an irrational manner. Psora can only be complicated with the venereal disease when it has been developed and when it has ultimated itself in a manifest chronic disease; but not when it is as yet latent and slumbering. By the latter the cure of syphilis is not obstructed, but when complicated with developed Psora, it is impossible to cure the venereal disease alone.

Only too often, I should say, do we find the syphilis which has remained uncured after the merely local destruction of the chancre, complicated with awakened Psora, not always because the Psora was already developed before the venereal infection - for this is rarely the case with young people - but because it is violently awakened and brought to its outbreak by the usual treatment of the venereal disease. By means of friction with Mercury, large doses of Calomel, Corrosive sublimate and similar acrid Mercurial remedies (which originate fever, dysenteric abdominal ailments, chronic exhausting salivation, pains in the limbs, sleeplessness, etc., without possessing sufficient anti-syphilitic power to cure the chancre-miasma mildly, quickly and perfectly), they assault the venereal patient often for many months, with the intermediate use of many weakening warm baths and purgatives; so that the internal slumbering Psora (whose nature causes it to break forth in all great convulsions and in the weakening of the general health) is awakened before the syphilis can be cured by such an injudicious treatment, and thus becomes associated and complicated therewith.

There arises in this manner and through this combination what is called a masked, spurious syphilis, and in England pseudo syphilis, a monster of a double disease,* which no physician hitherto has been able tocure, because no physician hitherto has been acquainted with the Psora in its great extent and its nature, neither in its latent nor its developed state; and no one suspected this dreadful combination with syphilis, much less perceived it. No one, therefore, could heal the developed Psora, the only cause of the uncurableness of this bastard syphilis, - nor could they in consequence free the syphilis from this horrible combination so as to make it curable, just as the Psora remains incurable if the syphilis has not been extirpated.

* Yea, after such a treatment it is even more than a double disease; the sharp Mercurial medicines, in large and frequent doses,have also added their medicinal disease, which when we consider in addition the debility caused by such treatment, must place the patient in a most sad state. In such a case Hepar sulphuris is probably to be preferred to the pure Sulphur.

In order to reach this so-called masked venereal disease successfully, the following rule must serve the homoeopathic physician: After removing all hurtful influences that affect the patient from without and after settling on a light and yet nourishing and strengthening diet for the patient, let him first give the anti-psoric medicine which is homoeopathically the best fitting to the then prevailing state of disease, as will be shown below, and when this medicine has completed its action, also probably a second, most suitable to the still prominent Psora symptoms, and these should be allowed to act against the Psora, until they have effected all that can be at present done against it - then should be given the dose above described of the best Mercurial preparation to act against the venereal disease for three, five to seven weeks; i. e., so long as it will continue to produce an improvement in the venereal symptoms.

In inveterate and difficult cases, however, this first course will hardly accomplish all that is desired. There usually still remain some ailments and disorders, which cannot be definitely classed as purely psoric, and others which cannot be classed as definitely syphilitic, and these require still some additional aid. A repetition of a similar process of cure is here required; i. e., first another application of one or more of the anti-psoric remedies that have not yet been used, and which are homceopathically the most appropriate, until whatever seems still unsyphilitically morbid- i. e., psoric - may disappear, when the before mentioned dose of the Mercurial remedy, but in another potency, should be given again and allowed to complete its action, until the manifest venereal symptoms (the pricking, painful ulcer of the tonsils, the round copper-colored spots that shimmer through the epidermis, the eruptive pimples which do not itch and are found chiefly in the face upon a bluish-red foundation, the painless cutaneous ulcers on the scalp and the penis, which are smooth, pale, clean, merely covered with mucus, and almost level with the healthy skin, etc., and the boring nightly pains in the exostoses) have entirely passed away. But since the secondary venereal symptoms are so changeable that their temporary disappearance gives no certainty of their complete extinction, we must also wait for that more conclusive sign of the complete extirpation of the venereal miasm afforded by the return of the healthy color and the entire disappearance of the discoloration found in the scar which remains after the extirpation of the chancre by local, corrosive applications.

I have, in my practice, found only two cases* of the threefold complication of the three chronic miasms, the fig-wart disease with the venereal chancre miasm and at the same time a developed Psora, and these cases were cured according to the same method; i. e., the Psora was treated first, then the one of the other two chronic miasmata, the symptoms of which were at the time the most prominent, and then the last one. The remaining psoric symptoms had then still to be combatted with suitable remedies, and then lastly what there yet remained of sycosis or syphilis, by means of the remedies given above. I would also remark that the complete cure of sycosis which has taken possession of the whole organism before the outbreak of its local symptom, is demonstrated, like that of the chancre miasma, by the complete disappearance of the discoloration on the spot of the skin, which discoloration remains after every merely local destruction of the fig-wart as a sign of the unextirpated sycosis.

* A master tiler from the Saxon-Erz Mountains, whose dissolute wife had infected him with a venereal disease in his genitals, concerning which it was not apparent from his description whether it was a chancre or a fig-wart, had been so maltreated by violent Mercurial remedies that he had lost his uvula, and his nose was so affected that the fleshy parts had mostly been eaten away, and the remaining part was swollen and inflamed and pierced like a honeycomb with ulcers. This was attended with great pain and an intolerably fetid smell. In addition he had a psoric ulcer on the leg. The anti-psoric remedies improved the ulcers up to a certain degree; they healed the ulcer on the leg, they took away the burning pain and most of the fetid smell of the nose; also the remedies given to cure the sycosis caused some improvement - but as to the sum total nothing further was effected until he received a small dose of Protoxide of Mercury, after which everything was fully healed and he was restored to full health, excepting the irreparable loss of his nose.