On the other hand, prolonged drug use in heroic doses does produce a species of chronic disease that is most difficult to cure, and when such have attained a considerable hold, it would seem as if no remedy could be discovered for their radical cure. * Organon, §§ 74 and 75.

"It is a matter of regret that we are still obliged to count among chronic diseases, very common affections which are to be regarded as the result of allopathic treatment, and the continual use of violent, heroic medicines in large and increasing doses. Examples of that kind are: the abuse of Calomel, Corrosive sublimate, Mercurial Ointment, Nitrate of Silver, Iodine and its ointments, Opium, Valerian, Quinine, Digitalis, etc., the use of purgatives persisted in for years, etc". To which might be added the modern abuse of Coal tar products, patent medicines. Such wanton treatment weakens the organism, abnormally deranged and wholly altered. Irritability and sensibility are increased or decreased, hypertrophy and atrophy, softening and indurations in certain organs and organic lesions are produced. Such are some of the results of nature's efforts to protect the organism against complete destruction by aggressive treatment with pernicious drugs.