Pharmacy is the art of preparing drugs for use, and dispensing them as medicines. The method of preparing medicines for homoeopathic use differs in many essential details from that of the old school.


This is an authoritative list of drugs and their preparations recognized and used by the profession, and which have thus become officinal. At present we have in homoeopathy three pharmacopoeias: the British, the German and the American, not differ-ering greatly. The American Institute of Homoeopathy has a committee at work on a new and authoritative work, which will be published shortly, and will unquestionably be the future authority in the homoeopathic school.


The medicines used in homoeopathic practice, and included in its pharmacopoeia, are taken from all the kingdoms of nature, and include most of the drugs used by the old school and many others not recognized and known there as possessing any medicinal virtues. The pharmaceutical processes of homoeopathy are characterized by a marvelous simplicity and perfection requiring the greatest nicety and care, so that the designation homoeopathic has actually come to mean a special degree of fineness of quality.