Accuracy is the basis of every procedure. Make up your mind beforehand to do everything right or not at all.


Be exquisitely clean and have vials, corks and everything necessary of the finest quality. Under no condition use the same vial or cork for two different preparations, or potencies, even of the same drug. No amount of cleansing will make them fit for different homoeopathic preparations. Absolute cleanliness of utensils and instruments and person is essential.

Conscientious Care In Selecting, Handling And Storing Drugs

Keep them from contact with each other; protect them from vapors, odors, dust; store them in cool, dry, airy, darkened, pure place.

Drugs for homoeopathic use are taken from the three kingdoms of nature; they are either in a liquid state or dry, soluble or insoluble. In order to convert these drugs into homoeopathic medicines, which shall contain all the medicinal powers inherent in the crude substances, and in such a state as will secure their ready and complete assimilation by the organism, three different processes are made use of, trituration, solution, and attenuation, and three vehicles or menstrua are employed for that purpose - sugar of milk, water, and alcohol.