Such a healing art conformable to nature and experience, a science of therapeutics, therefore, did not exist before Hahnemann.

The most marked feature of the early homoeopathy was its entire freedom from all theory and hypothesis; it was a protest against all and any pathological theory as a basis of therapeutics.

As taught, it was the true science of therapeutics, based upon exact observation of natural phenomena in disease and drug action, and noting the law governing their mutual relationship.

On this solid ground of scientific observation, all Homoeopathists base their practice, whatever differences have arisen, date from the publication of Hahnemann's theory of chronic diseases and drug dynamization, and in not clearly distinguishing between Hahnemann's discoveries and facts on the one hand and his illustrations and mere theories on the other. Whatever Hahnemann published as a fact has never yet been disproved, but his theories are not proven. It is the genuine Hahnemannian spirit, as Hering says, totally to disregard all theories, even those of one's own fabrication, when they are in opposition to the results of pure experience. All theories and hypotheses have no positive weight whatever, only so far as they lead to new experiments and afford a better survey of the results of those already made.