Ferrum Pbos

Takes the place of Aeon, in the acute inflammatory stage, or in chronic bronchitis when a fresh aggravation sets in. It should be given in alternation with the remedy indicated by the expectoration. Any inflammatory irritation of the bronchi, accompanied with dyspnoea, heat, or burning soreness. Breathing short, oppressed and hurried. Capillary bronchitis of young children. Acute, short, spasmodic and very painful cough.

Kali Mur

In the second stage, when thick white phlegm forms, fibrinous in character.

Kali Sulph

When the expectoration is distinctly yellow, watery and profuse, or where it is greenish, slimy and watery. In the stage of resolution.

Natrum Mur

Acute inflammation of the windpipe, with frothy and clear watery phlegm, loose and rattling, sometimes coughed up with difficulty. Chronic bronchitis, bronchial catarrh, "winter cough," with any of the above symptoms. Clear, watery, starch-like sputa. Secretion causes soreness and excoriation. Chronic forms, when sputum is transparent, viscid, weak voice, fluttering of heart. Patient is worse near the seashore.

Calcarea Phos

In anaemic persons where expectoration is albuminous, like the white of an egg.

Calcarea Sulph

Where expectoration is yellow, or yellowish green, or mixed with blood, stage of resolution. Third stage of bronchitis. Ordinary catarrhal colds and in cases similar to those benefited by Hepar sulph.

Natrum Sulph

Where exudation causes soreness and chafing. Patient must hold his chest on coughing. Asthmatic spells worse towards morning, Worse in cold, damp, rainy weather.


Cough worse from cold and better from warm drinks. Pus-like expectoration, falls to bottom of vessel containing water and spreads out like sediment. Bronchial affections of rachitic children. Laryngeal morning cough.

Clinical Cases

Numerous cases of bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia and allied affections of the chest, especially in children, have been treated successfully with Ferrum phos.. followed by or in alternation with Kali mur Sometimes Bryan, has been found an excellent alternating remedy with Ferrum phos., no other treatment having been found necessary.