Ferrum Phos

Acute, painful, short, tickling cough. Short, sore, tickling cough from irritation of the windpipe. Short, dry, spasmodic cough, with feeling of soreness in the lungs, no expectoration. Cough hard and dry, with soreness from cold. Cough, with rattling of mucus in chest, worse at night.

Kali Mur

Loud, noisy stomach-cough, with grayish-white tongue. Short, acute and spasmodic, like whooping-cough, requires this remedy. Noisy cough with protruded appearance of the eyes and white or gray-coated tongue. Croupy, hard cough. Child grasps at throat during coughing spell-Persistent, croupy-like hoarseness. Cough with thick, milky-white, gluey albuminoid phlegm. Cough in consumption with thick, milky-white expectoration, or white-coated tongue.

Kali Phos

Cough from irritation in the trachea which feels sore. Expectoration thick, yellow, salty, and fetid, chest sore.

Kali Sulph

Cough with yellow expectoration or watery matter. Worse in a heated room or in the evening. Mucus slips back and is generally swallowed; hard, hoarse cough like croup, weary feeling in the pharynx.

Magnesia Phos

True spasmodic cough coming on in fits, paroxysms; without expectoration, spasmodic cough at night, with difficulty upon lying down. Whooping cough. Patients refer the spasm to the pit of the throat. The lungs are sore from the strain of coughing. In dry cough in nervous children this remedy should always be thought of.

Calcarea Fluor

Cough with expectoration of tiny, yellow, tough lumps of mucus. Cough with tickling and irritation in the throat on lying down, from elongation of the uvula, or dropping at the back of the throat.

Calcarea Phos

Cough with expectoration of albuminous matter, not watery. In cough of consumptives as an intercurrent remedy. Suffocative cough in children, better lying down.

Calcarea Sulph

Cough with saniotis, watery sputa.

Natrum Mur

Cough with excess of watery secretions. In consumption with watery sputa, tasting salty, winter cough. Stitches in liver with cough. Dry, short cough, day and night, from irritation in pit of stomach.

Natrum. Sulph

Cough with a sensation of all-goneness in the chest. Muco-pus, thick, ropy and yellowish-green expectoration; must press upon chest to relieve soreness and weakness.


Cough provoked by cold drinks. Soreness and weakness of chest relieved by warm, moist air. Laryngeal, morning cough with tough expectoration. Dyspncea on stooping or lying on back. Expectoration of profuse, yellowish-green pus of greasy taste and offensive odor. Suffocative night-cough. (Lilienthal).

Clinioal Cases

Dr. J. A. Biegler reports in the Trans. I. H. A. 1888, a case of subacute laryngitis cured by Kali phas30. The prescription was given "as a forlorn hope," because the case came late under treatment, with weakness, pale, bluish face, etc Speech slow, becoming inarticulate, creeping paralysis, and because Grauvogl says: "'We know that the oxidation processes, the changes of gases in the respiration, and other chemical transformations in the blood, are brought about by the presence of Kali phos".

Dr. F. W, Southworth reports two cases of spasmodic cough, promptly relieved by Magnes.phos. 4x and 6x respectively, the leading indications being its Spasmodic character, worse on lying down and at night, and on breathing cold air; better on sitting up; tightness across the chest. The second case had spurling of urine when coughing.

Dr. Fisher was consulted by a lady (enciente) who was suffering from a cough which caused great inconvenience, as with every cough there was emission of urine. Ferritin phos. cured her very speedily. A short time ago the lady under similar circumstances was again troubled with a cough. Ferrum pitas, this time also cured her as speedily. (From Schussler).