Note - No purging need be resorted to. Constipation occurs frequently in consequence of some primary disturbance. Look for the symptoms of this. The proper remedy will make the bowels move. (Schussler).

Kali Mur

Constipation accompanied by a white-coated tongue, also when fat and - pastry disagree. Torpid liver, light-colored stools through want of bile from sluggish liver.

Kali Phos

Stools dark brown, streaked with yellowish-green mucus. Paretic condition of rectum and colon.

Natrum Mur

Torn, bleeding, smarting feeling after stool. Constipation with much intestinal weakness, and when arising from want of moisture. Dryness of the mucous linings of the bowels, with watery secretions in the other parts; watery vomiting, watery eyes, excess of saliva in the mouth or on the tongue. Drowsiness and waterbrash. Stools are hard, dry and difficult to pass. Accompanied by headache. Hemorrhoidal constipation. Proctalgia. Pain in abdominal rings. "Constipation of fleshy people, especially those with weak hearts." (Frawley).

Calcarea Phos

Costive, hard stool with blood, especially in old people, associated with mental depression, vertigo and headache.

Calcarea Fluor

Inability to expel the faeces.

Natrum Phos

Obstinate constipation. Habitual constipation with occasional attacks of diarrhoea in young children. This remedy is an admirable laxative when administered with the food of infants. Dose, 5 to 10 grains three times daily for a six-months' old child.

Natrum Sulph

Hard, knotty stools streaked with blood, preceded and accompanied by smarting at the anus; difficult expulsion of soft stool; emission of fetid flatus in large quantities. (Strong).

Ferrum Phos

Constipation with heat in the lower bowel, caused by atony of muscular fibres of intestines. "Ferrum phos. is indicated in obstinate constipation with prolapsus ani and piles, associated with anaemia; face pale, readily flushing, cold hands and feet, palpitation, persistent chilliness, flatulence and fulness of epigastrium, with great aversion to meat diet." (Donaldson).


Rectum seems to have lost the power of expulsion. Fseces recede after having been partly expelled. Soreness, stitches and shooting pain in anus. Constipation associated with chronic scrofulous and suppurative diseases. Constipation of poorly nourished children with pale, earthy face. Copious perspiration around head, accompanying paralytic diseases.

Clinical Cases

Mrs. H., aet. 26, mother of three children; constipation since birth of last child, three months ago. Cathartics had failed. The stools were hard and dry, were partially expelled with much straining, and then receded into the rectum. Silicea20 cured in four doses, taken night and morning. (I. P. Johnson].

Dr. Gross, the pupil of Hahnemann, relates a very remarkable case of chronic constipation cured with Natrum mur.20 The patient, a boy, aet. 11, bom of scrofulous parents, has an idiotic brother; patient himself mute and almost an idiot. The poor creature suffered with constipation from birth. Would go three to four weeks without stool. After a course of Natrum mur.30 the constipation was futility cured, (Full report of the case found in Strong's Constipation, p. 72)