Ferrum Phos

Headache from cold, sun-heat, a bruising, pressing or stitching pains, pains worse on stooping and moving. Headache from gouty predisposition (alternately with Natrum sulph.). Headache with vomiting of undigested food. Congestive, with pressing pain, and sore to the touch. Pressing a cold object against the spot seems to relieve the pain. If furred tongue be present, this is an additional indication. Headaches of children require this remedy; Headache with a throbbing sensation; worse right side. Headache with red face and suffused redness of the eyes.

Blind sick headache, with vomiting of food as taken, undigested. Dull right sided headache from vertex to right supraorbital region. Rush of blood to head. Headaches made worse by shaking the head, stooping, and indeed every motion of the body. Congestive headaches especially when at the menstrual period. Top of head sensitive to cold air, noise, jar, cannot bear to have hair touched.

Kali Mur

Headache with vomiting, hawking up of milk-white mucus. Sick headache with white-coated tongue, or vomiting of white phlegm, arising from sluggish liver, tongue furred, gray or white at base, want of appetite.

Kali Phos

Headache, nervous, sensitive to noise, irritability, confusion, relieved by gentle motion. Headache of students and those worn out by fatigue, when no gastric symptoms are felt. The tongue is sometimes found to be coated brownish-yellow like mustard, associated often with foul breath. Pains and weight at the back of the head and across the eyes, better while eating, with feeling of weariness and exhaustion (after Ferrum phos.). Nervous headache, with inability for thought, loss of strength, irritability, sleeplessness, or despondency. Headache with weariness, yawning and stretching, prostrate feeling, hysterical headaches. Headache with a weary, empty feeling, "goneness" at the pit of the stomach; also if the headache be the precursor of an attack connected with bilious vomiting. Neuralgic headache, humming in the ears, feeling of inability to remain up, yet better under cheerful excitement. Neuralgic headache with nervous symptoms, better during eating, depression. Noises in head on falling asleep. Menstrual headaches with hunger.

Severe pain in left mastoid; worse by motion and in open air.

Kali Sulph

Headache which grows worse in a heated room and in the evening, and is better in cool, open air.

Magnesia Phos

Excruciating headaches with tendency to spasmodic symptoms. Neuralgic or rheumatic headaches, shooting or stinging pains, shifting pain, intermittent or paroxysmal in character. Headaches from optical defects. Nervous headaches with sparks before the eyes; diplopia.

Headache worse in occiput, and constant while attending school and after mental labor.

Natrum Mur

Dull, heavy headache, with profusion of tears and drowsiness, sleep not refreshing. Headaches with constipation from torpor and dryness of a portion of the internal mucous membrane, when the tongue is clean or covered with clear, watery mucus, has frothy edges, much saliva. Headache with vomiting of transparent phlegm or water, stringy mucus coughed up. "Is applicable to cachectic persons and to those who have lost animal fluids. It is adapted to chronic and to sick headache; to headaches before, during and after the menses; 'to cephalalgia of school girls who apply themselves too closely to their lessons;' to headache commencing in the morning after walking, lasting till noon, or going off with the sun; to catarrhal headache and to migraine." (King.) Hemicrania, loss of consciousness and twitching of limbs.

Natrum Sulph

Sick-headache with bilious diarrhcea or vomiting of bile, bitter taste in the mouth. Colicky pain, with giddiness, greenish-gray coated tongue. The attacks occur during the menses, periodically, every spring, and are frequently sudden in their onsets. The characteristics are: congestion of blood to head, with fulness; heat in vertex, sensation of pressure in and through the head; mind depressed and melancholy; vertigo and dulness; vomiting, aggravated by motion and reading, ameliorated by quiet Occipital headache. Violent pains at base of brain, as if crushed in a vise or as if something were gnawing there. Beating pain in both temples when walking. Indescribable pain on top of head, as if it would split. Pulsating headache. Headache begins in the morning on waking, increases till noon and subsides about bed time. Cannot tolerate noise. Has to go to bed in a darkened room. Nausea and vomiting. Several cases of chronic headache with these symptoms are reported by Dr. A. M. Dufneld, of Huntsviile, Ala., as having been cured by this remedy in the 200th potency.


Headaches with concurrent appearance of small 15 lumps or nodules, size of a pea, on the scalp. Congestive, gastric, nervous and rheumatic headaches. Headaches from excessive mental exertion, from overheating, from nervous exhaustion. Scrofulous diathesis. Rachitic, anaemic conditions, caries. Nervous, irritable persons with dry skin, profuse saliva, diarrhoea, night-sweats. Weakly persons, fine skin, pale face, light complexions, lax muscles. Persons who are oversensitive, imperfectly nourished, not from want of food but from imperfect assimilation.

Natrum Phos

Headache on the crown of the head on awaking in the morning; creamy appearance of back part of the palate; yellow moist tongue. Headache, severe pain as if the skull were too full. Frontal or occipital, with nausea or sour, slimy vomiting. Very severe headache, with intense pressure and heat on top of head as if it would open (if Fer-rum phos. does not suffice). Sickening headaches, ejection of sour froth. Headache after taking wine or milk.

Calcarea Phos

Headache with a cold feeling in the head, and the head feels cold to the touch (Ferrum phos.). Pains worse with heat or cold. Headaches of children and schoolgirls, who are nervous, restless, etc. "Suitable for gastric and rheumatic headaches. It is characterized by vertigo when walking or on motion. Fulness and pressure on the head, worse from pressure of the hat Useful in peevish and fretful children, and in those whose fontanelles remain open too long. Difficulty in performing mental operations. Ill-humor and want of disposition to do anything. Forgetftil-ness; dulness with every headache." (King).

Calcarea Sulph

Headache with vertigo and nausea, and feeling as if eyes were sunken. Pain around whole head, worse forehead.

Clinical Cases

Patient who, among other symptoms, had some visual disturbances, and when the headache was worse and vision most disturbed he had a sense of fear, especially at night, and an eruption about the ankles which began with itching. I gave him Nat. phos. 6x and that was the end of his sufferings. (Chas. Mohr, M. D.) A very interesting case came under my treatment. A lady, fifty-five yean old, hail such excruciating headache that she was partially insane; she claimed her brain was ruptured and running out of her eyes. A yellow-gray curd was exuding from her eyes She had been suffering for some days. I gave her Kali phos. 3x, which acted like a charm. In two hours the dose was repeated, and the result was perfect relief. Some four weeks later she had another attack, hut not so had. I gave her Kali phos. 6x, and wishing to watch the case, I called in two hours. She said: "That was not the same medicine you gave me before; the action is barely perceptible." I then gave 3x, and in two hours she was well.

Now, I have always been in favor of high potencies, but this experience seems to indicate that quantity cornea in as a factor; if so, jt should be noted that one dose of 3x is equal to one thousand of 6x. (Selected).

1. Severe headache, general soreness of the vertex, soreness of scalp, cannot bear to have hair touched, great nervousness at night. Ferrum phos. 6x gave speedy relief.

2. Frontal headache, relieved by nosebleed which followed. Ferritin phos. 6x cured.

3. Patient could not see: seemed as if blood rushed into the eyes. Ferritin phos. 6x cured.

4. Dull pain on top of head during menses cured as by magic by a few-doses of Ferritin phos. (Raue, Rec. Horn. Lit., 1875).

5. Headache beginning every night at ten o'clock with chill or congestive symptoms. Magnesia phos., 10x dil., cured. (Translated by S. L).

Case of young lady with excruciating nervous headache, with great sensitiveness to noise, during the second day of menstruation. Kali phos.12 produced, immediately after taking it, a great increase of the menstrual flow with sudden relief of the headache. (W. P. Wesselhceft, M. D. From Hg).

M. K., aet. 16, has suffered for years from periodically returning headaches. The pain is concentrated in the right temple, and of a boring nature, as if a screw were being driven in - as the patient expresses herself. Preceding this pain there are burning sensations at the pit of the stomach, bitter taste in the mouth and lassitude. These symptoms are only felt at night, or in the morning. When the attack comes on, the patient is quite unable to attend to any ordinary duties. Generally vomiting of bile follows, and then improvement sets in. Natrum sulph. daily, the size of a bean, dissolved in water, and taken repeatedly, cured the young lady entirely. (From Schuasler)

Young lady, aet. 16, suffered for years from periodical attacks of sick headache, characterized by boring pain in right temple, preceded by burning in stomach, bitter taste. languor. Pain comes on at night or in morning, followed by vomiting of bite, with subsequent relief. Natrum sulph.6, daily doses, cured permanently.