Aching Of Bones Around Ear

Calc. phos.

Ear Troubles In Anaemic Subjects

Ferr. phos.

Anchylosis Of Small Bones

Ferr. phos.

Atrophic Ear Troubles

Kali phos.

Itching in: Kali phos.

Auditory Canal, Swollen

Silicea, Kali mur.

Cracking Noises On Blowing Nose

Kali mur.

Bones Around Ear Ache

Calc. phos.

Burning Of Ears

Natr. phos., Natr. mur.

Buzzing In The Ears

Kali phos., Magnes. phos.

Calcareous Deposits On Tympanic Cavity

Calc. fluor.

Catarrh Of Eustachian Tube

Kali sulph , Natr. mur., Kali mur.

Tympanic cavity: Kali sulph., Natr. mur., Kali mur.

Chronic Catarrhal Conditions Of Middle Ear

Kali mur., Kali sulph., Natr. mur.

Cold Feeling Of Outer Ears

Calc. phos.

Complaints, Rheumatic Of Ears

Calc. phos.

Confusion In Ears

Kali phos.

Congestive Stage Of Otitis

Ferr. phos.

Cracking Noises When Swallowing

Kali mur. chewing: Natr. mur.

Blowing nose: Kali mur.

Cutting Pains In Ear

Ferr. phos.

Under ear: Kali sulph.

Damp Weather Aggravates Earache

Natr. sulph.

Dark Redness Of Internal Parts

Ferr. phos.

Deafness From Inflammatory Action

Ferr. phos.

Nerve troubles: Magnes. phos.

Swelling of Eustachian tubes: Kali mur., Kali sulph , Silicea. external ear: Kali mur. glands about ears: Kali mur. inner ear: Kali sulph. throat: Kali sulph.

Deafness From Swelling Of Tympanic Cavity

Natr. mur., Silicea.

Suppuration: Calc. sulph., Ferr. phos.. Silicea, Kali mur.. Kali pkos.

Deafness, Want Of Perception

Kali phm.

Worse in a heated room: Kalisulph.

Deposit Of Calcareous Matter On Tympanum


Diffused Inflammation

Ferr. phos.

Discharges From Ear, Bright Yellow

Kali phos.

Dirty: Kali phos.

Fetid: Kali phos.

Discharges From Ear, Giving No Relief To Pain

Ferr. phos.

Miico purulent: Ferr. phos.

Offensive: Kali phos.

Purulent: Calc. phos., Kali sulph., Natr. mur. mixed with blood: Calc. sulph.. Kali phos.

Thick, pus-like: Calc. sulph.

Watery matter: Kali sulph, Dulness of hearing: Ferr. phos., Kali phos., Silicea.

From nerve troubles: Magnes. phos.

Earache With Burning Pain

Ferr. phos.

Discharge of yellowish matter: Kali sulph.

Nervous conditions: Magnes, phos.

Pulsations: Ferr. phos.

Sensation of something forcing its way out: Natr. sulph.

Sharp, stitching pain: Ferr. phos.

Swelling of the glands: Kali mur., Calc. phos.

Throbbing pain: Ferr. phos.

White tongue: Kali mur.

Worse in damp weather: Natr. sulph.

Ears, Affections Of In Anaemic People

Ferr. phos. scrofulous children: Calc phos. rheumatic people: Calc. phos.

Atrophic, troubles of: Kali phos.

Burn: Natr phos., Natr. mur.

Buzzing in: Kali phos.

Cold feeling of outer: Calc. phos.

Covered with thin scabbing: Natr. phos.

Cracking in: Kali mur.

Excessive flow of blood to ear: Ferr. phos.

External, inflammation of: Silicea.

Ears Dry And Scaly Epidermis

Kali mur.

Tendency to atrophy of walls: Kali mur. swelling of: Kali mur.

Heat in: Ferr. phos.

Humming in: Kaliphos.

Inflammation of, after bathing: Silicea.

Itching of: Natr. phos. in: Natr. mur.

Middle, suppuration of: Calc. sulph., Kali phos., Silicea.

Noises in: Ferr. phos., Kali phos., Kali mur., Natr. mur.

One ear red, hot, itching: Natr. phos.

Open with loud report: Silicea.

Pimples around: Calc. sulph.

Pulsation noticed in ear: Ferr. phos.

Ringing in, as of bells: Natr. sulph.

Roaring in: Natr. mur.

Sharp, cutting pain under: Kali sulph.

Snapping in: Kali mur.

Sore external: Natr. phos.

Stitches in: Natr. mur., Ferr. phos., Natr. sulph.

Stuffv sensation in: Kali mur.

Tension and throbbing in: Ferr. phos.

Catarrh Of Eustachian Tubes

Natr. mur., Kali mur., Kali sulph., Silicea.

Closed: Kali mur.

Swell and cause deafness: Kali mur., Kali sulph., Silicea.

Excessive Flow Of Blood To Ear

Ferr. phos.

Granulations within ear: Kali mur.

Excrescence, Polypoid, Closing Ear

Kali sulph.

Exfoliation, Moist Of Tympanum

Kali mur.

External Meatus Swollen

Silicea, Kali mur.

Walls atrophied: Kali mur.

Fetid Or Foul Discharges From Ear

Kali phos.

Glands About Ear Swell

Kali mur.

Granular Conditions Of Tympanum

Kali mur.

Pharyngitis: Kali mur.

Granulations, Excessive

Kali mur.

Hammering In The Ears

Kali phos.

Heated Room Aggravates Deafness

Kali sulph.

Hearing Supersensitive

Kali phos.

Inflammation, Diffused

Ferr. phos of external ear: Kali mur,. Silicea, Ferr phos.

Middle ear, proliferous: Kali mur, with burning, throbbing pain: Ferr. phos.

Inflammatory Earache From Cold

Ferr. phos.

Itching Of Ears

Natr. phos., Natr. mur.

In auditory canal: Kaliphos., Natr. mur.

Low Forms Of Ulceration

Kali phos.

Caries Of Mastoid Process


Diseases of: Siiicea.

Pains below: Kali sulph.

Periosteum diseased: Calc. fluor.

Swollen, sore: Ferr. phos.

Meatus Closed By Polypoid Excrescence

Kali sulph.

Inner, granular conditions of: Kali mur.

Calcareous Deposits On Membrana Tympana

Calc. fluor.

Dark, beefy-red: Ferr. phos.

Calcareous deposits on: Calc. fluor.

Granular: Kali mur.

Moist: Kali mur.

Retracted: Kali mur. thickened: Ferr. phos. ulcerated: Kali phos.

Inflammation, proliferous of: Kali mur., Magnes phos.

Suppuration Of Middle Ear

Calc. sulph.. Kali phos., Siiicea.

Chronic catarrhal conditions: Kali mur.

Muco-Purulent Discharges

Ferr. phos.

Naso-Pharyngeal Obstructions

Kali mur.

Nervous Otalgia

Magnes. phos.

Noise, Oversensitive To

Silicea, Ferr. phos.. Kali phos.

Noises In Ears

Ferr. phos.. Kali mur., Kali phos.

On blowing nose: Kali mur.

On falling asleep: Kali phos.

On swallowing, cracking: Kali mur., Natr. mur.

Noticeable Pulsation In The Ears

Ferr. phos.

One Ear Red, Hot And Itching

Natr. phos.

On Falling Asleep, Noises

Kali phos.

Otalgia, Inflammatory

Ferr. phos.

Nervous: Magnes. phos.

Otitis, Congestive, Stage

Ferr. phos.

Otitis, Suppurative

Calc. sulph., Kali phos., Silicea.

Otorrhcea, Foul, Offensive

Kali sulph., Silicea, Kali phos., Calc. phos.

Outer Ear Covered With Thin Deposit

Natr. phos.

Oversensitive To Noise

Silicea, Ferr. phos., Kali phos.

Pain, Burning

Ferr. phos.

Cutting under ear: Kali sulph.

Paroxysmal, radiating and sharp: Ferr. phos.

Stitching: Ferr. phos., Kali sulph.

Tensive below mastoid process: Kali sulph.

Throbbing: Ferr. phos.

Parts Within Ear Dark-Red

Ferr. phos.

Periosteal Affection's Of Mastoid Process

Calc. fluor.

Pimples Around Ear

Calc. sulph.

Polypoid Excrescence Closing Meatus

Kali sulph.

Proliferous Inflammation Of Middle Ear

Kali mur., Magnes. phos.

Pulsations In Ear Can Be Counted

Ferr. phos.

Purulent Discharge From Ear

Natr. mur., Kali phos., Silicea, Calc. sulph.

Offensive: Kali phos., Kali sulph., Silicea.

Radiating Pains

Ferr. phos.

Retracted Tympanum

Kali mur.

Rheumatic Ear Complaints

Calc. phos.

Ringing In Ears As Of Bells

Natr. sulph.

Roaring In The Ears

Natr. mur., Silicea.

Ear Complaints In Scrofulous Children

Calc. phos.

Sharp Pains In Ear

Ferr. phos., Magnes. phos.

Under ear: Kali sulph.

Snapping In Ear

Kali mur.

Soreness Of Ears

Natr. phos.

Stinking Otorrhcea

Kali phos., Silicea, Kali sulph.

Stitching Pains In Ears

Ferr. phos., Natr. mur.

Stuffy Sensation In Ears

Kali mur.

Suppuration Of Middle Ear

Calc. sulph., Kali phos., Silicea.

Cracking Noises On Swallowing

Kali mur.

Swelling Of Eustachian Tubes

Kali mur., Silicea external ear: Kali mur. meatus: Silicea.

Glands about ears: Kali mur.

Swelling Of Throat

Kalimur., Kali sulph.

Tympanic cavity: Natr, mur., Silicea.

Tendency To Hemorrhage

Ferr. phos.

Tension In Ears

Ferr. phos.

Throbbing Pain

Ferr. phos.

Throat Swells

Kali mur., Kali sulph.

Tinnitis Aurium

Ferr. phos., Kali phos.. Kali mur., Natr.

Sulph.. Natr. mur.

Tissues Dry Up

Kali phos.

Become scaly: Kali sulph.. Kali mur., Natr, mur., Calc. phos.

Calcareous Deposit On Tympanic Membrane

Calc.fluor. granular: Kalimur. moist exfoliation of: Kali mur. retracted: Kalimur.

Tympanum, Cavity Of, Catarrh

Natr. mur.. Kali sulph.. Kali mur. swollen: Natr. mur , Silicea. ulcerated: Kalimur.

Ulcerations, Angry

Ferr. phos., Kali phos.

Of low form: Kali phos.

Ulcerations, Membrana Tympani

Kali phos. whitish discharge: Kali mur.