Abscess Of Cornea

Calc. sulph., Silicea, Kali mur., Kali sulph.

Affections, Spasmodic Of Eyelids

Calc phos., Magnes. phos.

After Injuries To Eye

Calc. sulph.

Agglutination Of Lids

Natr. phos., Silicea.


Calc. phos.

Amblyopia After Suppressed Foot-Sweat


Diphtheria: Kali phos.

Pus In Anterior Chamber

Calc. sulph., Kali mur., Silicea.

Appearance, Staring, Excited

Kali phos.

Asthenopia, Muscular

Natr. mur., Kali phos., Magnes. phos.

Black Spots Before Eyes

Kali phos.


Natr. mur., Silicea.

Blisters On Cornea

Natr. mur.

Blister.like Granulations

Natr. phos., Natr. sulph.

Bloodshot Eyes

Natr. phos., Ferr. phos., Natr. mur.

Blurring Of Eyes

Kali phos., Calc. fluor.

Boils Around Lids


Burning Of Edges Of Eyelids

Natr. sulph.

Sensation in eyes: Ferr. phos.

Cannot Use Eyes By Gaslight

Calc. phos.

Canthi Inflamed

Calc. sulph.


Calc. fluor., Calc. phos., Kali sulph., Kali inur.

After suppressed foot-sweat: Silicea, smoky pus, in anterior chamber: Calc. sulph.


Magnes. phos.

Ciliary Neuralgia

Natr. mur.

Over right eye: Silicea.

Conjunctiva Reddened Or Yellow

Natr. mur., Natr. sulph.


Calc. fluor., Ferr.phos., Kali sulph., Natr. mur, Natr. phos, chronic: Natr. sulph.

Granular: Natr, phos.

Discharge, white mucus: Natr. mur. greenish: Natr. sulph. yellow, creamy: Natr. phos.

Phlyctenular: Calc, sulph.

Contracted Pupils

Magnes, phos.

Abscess Of Cornea

Colt, sulph., Silicea, Kali sulph., Kali mur. first stage: Ferr. phos.

Blisters on: Natr. mur.. Kali mur.

Opaque: Calf, phos., Silicea.

Spots on: Calc. fluor., Natr, sulph. white: Natr. mur.

Ulcers, deep, on: Calc. sulph., Calc. phos.

Scrofulous: Calc. phos , Natr. mur. superficial, flat: Kali mur.

Smoky: Calc. sulph.

Crusts, Yellow, On Eyelids

Kali sulph Cystic tumors around lids: Silicea.

Dark Spots Before Eyes

Magnes. phos.. Kali mur.

Deep Abscess Of Cornea

Calc. sulph., Silicea.

Dimness Of Crystalline Lens

Kali su/ph.


Natr. mur., Natr. phos.. Magnet, phos.

Strabismus Or Squinting After Diphtheria

Kali phos.


Magnes. phos,. Kali phos.

Discharge Of Thick, Yellow Matter

Calc. sulph.

Clear mucus: Natr, mur.

White mucus; Kali mur.

Green pus: Natr, sulph.

Golden-yellow, creamy matter: Natr. phos.

Discharge Of Yellow, Greenish Matter

Kali sulpha Kali mur.

Diseases Of Lachrymal Apparatus


Drooping Of Eyelids

Magnes. phos., Kaliphos.

Dull Vision

Magnes. phos., Natr. phos.

Edges Of Eyelids Burn

Nalr. sulph.

Eruption Of Small Vesicles About Eyes

Natr. mur.

Excited, Staring Appearance Of Eyes

Kali phos.

Eyes, Angles, Affections


Become blurred: Kali phos.

Bloodshot: Nalr.phos.

Burning sensation in: Ferr. phos., Kali phos.

Cannot use by gas light: Calc. phos.

Feeling of sand in: Kali mur., Kali phos., Ferr. phos.

Flickering before: Calc. flour.

Gauze before: Natr. mur.

Inflammation of, with acute pain: Ferr. phos. dry: Calc. phos.

Discharge of thick, yellow mucus: Calc. sulph. without secretion: Ferr. phos.

Staring appearance of: Kali phos.

Pain over: Natr. phos., Natr. mur., Magnes. phos.

Red: Ferr. phos.

Sees colors before eyes: Magnes. phos. sparks: Calc. fluor., Magnes. phos.

Sensation of foreign body in: Calc. sulph.

Sensitive to light: Magnes. phos.

Sparks before eyes: Calc. fluor., Magnes. phos.

Twitch: Kali phos.

Eyeball, Pains In, Aggravated By Moving Lids

Ferr. phos.

Eyeballs Ache

Calc. fluor.

Pain in, aggravated by motion: Ferr. phos.

Soreness of: Kali phos.

Eyelids, Boils Around


Burn: Natr. mur., Kali phos.

Cystic tumors around: Silicea, Ferr. phos.

Drooping of: Kali phos., Magnes. phos.

Edges of, burn: Natr. sulph.

Glued together: Natr. phos., Silicea, Calc. phos., Kali phos., Natr. mur., Calc.fluor.

Granular: Natr. mur.

Eyes, Itching

Magnes. phos.

Smarting of: Natr. mur.

Sore: Kaliphos.

Spasmodic affections of: Calc. phos,, Magnes. phos.

Specks of matter on: Kali mur.

Styes on: Silicea.

Twitching of: Magnes. phos., Calc. sidph.

Yellow crusts on: Kali sulp/i.

Flat Ulcer On Cornea

Kali mur.

Flickering Before Eyes


Sensation Of Foreign Body

Calc. sulph.

Gauze Before Eyes

Natr. mur.


Natr. mur.

Gluing Together Of Eyelids

Natr. mur., Silicea.

Granular Conjunctivis

Natr. phos., Natr. sulph.

Eyelids: Natr. mur.

Granulations Look Like Small Blisters

Natr. phos., Natr. sulph.

Greenish Discharge From Eyes

Kali mur., Kali sulph.


Calc. sulph.


Calc. sulph , Kali mur.. Silicea, Kali sulph., Natr.


Inflammation Of Canthi

Calc sulph.

Eyes: Calc. phos., Calc. sulph., Ferr. phos.

Dry: Calc. phos.

Discharge of yellow matter: Calc. sulph.

With acute pain: Ferr. phos.

Without secretion: Ferr. phos.


Kali mur., Natr. mur.

Keratitis, Parenchymatous

Calc. phos., Kali mur.

Pustular: Calc. sulph , Silicea.


Magnes. phos., Natr. mur., Natr sulph.

Acrid: Natr. mur.

Burning: Natr. sulph., Natr. phos.

With eruption of small vesicles: Natr. mur.

With neuralgia: Natr. mur.

Worse after nitrate of silver: Natr. mur.

Diseases Of Lachrymal Sac


Duct, stricture of: Natr. mur.

Dimness Of Lens

Kali sulph.

Letters Run Together When Reading

Natr. mur.

Lids. (See Eyelids).

Light, sensitive to. (See Photophobia).

Loss Of Perceptive Power After Exhaustion


Diphtheria: Kali phos.

Moving Eyes Aggravates Pain

Ferr. phos.

Mucous Discharges, White

Kali mur.

Clear: Natr. mur Muscae volitantes: Silicea.

Muscular Asthenopia

Nat. mur., Magnes. phos., Kali phos.

Neuralgia, Ciliary

Natr. mur.

Over right eye: Silicea.

Periodical: Natr. mur.

With lachrymation: Natr. mur.

Relieved by warmth: Magnes. phos.

Supraorbital: Magnes. phos., Ferr. phos.

Worse right side: Magnes. phos.


Magnes. phos.

Obstruction Of Tear-Duct

Natr. mur.


Kali mur.

Opaque Cornea

Cale. phos., Silicea.

Ophthalmia, Discharge Creamy

Natr. phos. thick and yellow: Calc. sulph.

Neonatorum: Kali sulph.

Scrofulous: Natr. phos.

Caries Of Orbits


Pressure and soreness in: Silicea.

Pain, As Of Splinter

Calc. sulph.

In eyes: Ferr. phos.

In eyeball, aggravated by moving them: Ferr. phos.

Neuralgic: Magnes. phos., Natr. mur.

Parenchymatous Keratitis

Calc. phos., Kali mur.

Perceptive Power Lost

Kali phos.


Calc. sulph., Kali mur , Magnes. phos., Natr. mur, Natr. sulph., Calc. phos.


Magnes. phos., Calc. fluor.


Kali phos., Magnes. phos.

Pupils Contracted

Magnes. phos.

Purulent Discharge From Eyes

Calc. sulph., Kali sulph.

Pus In Anterior Chamber

(See Hypopyon.)

Pustular Keratitis

Calc. sulph., Silicea.

Redness Of Eyes

Ferr. phos.t Natr. mur.


Calc. sutph., Ferr. phos., Kali mur.

Sand, Sensation Of In Eyes

Ferr, phos., Kali mur., Kali phos.

Scalding Of Parts About Eye

Natr. mur.

Scrofulous Ophthalmia

Natr. phos.

Ulcers of cornea: Natr. mur.

Sensation Of Foreign Body In Eye

Calc. sulph., Ferr. phos.

Sticks in the eye: Kali phos.

Sensitiveness To Light

Magnes, phos.

Sight, Dim

Natr. phos.

Weak: Kali phos.

Soreness Of Eyeballs

Kali phos.

Spasmodic Affections Of Eyelids

Calc, phos., Magnes. phos.

Sparks Before Eyes

Calc.fluor., Magnes. phos., Natr. phos.

Specks Of Matter On Eyelids

Kali mur.

Spots On Cornea

Calc.fluor, white: Natr. mur.

Dark: Magnes. phos.

Squinting, After Diphtheria

Kali phos. spasmodic: Magnes. phos. from intestinal irritation: Natr. phos.

Staring, Excited Look

Kali phos.


Kali phos., Magnes. phos., Natr. phos.

Styes On Eyelids

Si/icea, Ferr. phos.

Superficial Flat Ulcers

Kali mur.

Supraorbital Neuralgias

Magnes. phos., Natr. mur.

Tarsal Tumors



Ka/i mur.

Twitching Of Eyelids

Magnes. phos., Calc. phos.

Ulcers On Cornea, Deep

Calc. sulph.

Scrofulous: Ca/c phos., Natr. mur.

Superficial, flat: Kali mur.

Eruption Of Vesicles

Natr. mur.

Vision, Affected, Sees Colors

Magnes. phos.

Blurred: Ca/c. fluor.

Sparks: Catc.fluor., Magnes. phos. dull: Magnes. phos., Natr. mur.

Warmth Relieves Neuralgias

Magnes. phos.

Weakness Of Sight

Kali phos.

When Reading, Letters Run Together

Natr. mur.

White, Mucous Discharge From Eyes

Kali mur. Yellow conjunctiva: Natr. sulph.

Crusts on eyelids: Kali sulph.

Discharge from eyes: Calc. sulph., Kali mur , Kali sulph. golden and creamy: Natr. phos.