Ferrum Phos

Ulcerations of glands, to relieve the throbbing pain, soreness, redness, heat and congested condition. Ulcers if there be fever, or heat, or redness and congestion.

Kali Mur

Ulcers with fibrinous discharge. Ulceration of the os and cervix uteri, with thick, white, mild secretions; all ulcerations where there is swelling or a dirty-white tongue, or a mealy, flour-like scaly surface, or a fibrinous discharge; proud flesh, exuberant granulations. Ulceration of cornea. (See Eye, Diseases of).

Kali Sulph

Tuberculous ulcers, with a continuous oozing of yellowish pus and lymph, will often yield to this remedy.

Natrum Phos

Ulceration of the stomach or bowels. Syphilitic ulcers, yellow coating having appearance of half-dried cream.


Ulcers of the lower limbs when deep-seated and the periosteum is affected. Silicea has ulcers that are spongy, readily bleeding, with torpid, callous edges, fistulous ulcers, secreting a thin, fetid, ichorous, yellow fluid. Sluggish ulcers, in hard-worked and ill-fed people. Ulceration following abrasion of the skin over the shin-bone. Use also locally, or infusion of hay, which contains Silicea. Suppurative processes, massive and repeated doses in scrofulous, glandular swellings with suppuration.

Calcarea Phos

Ulceration of bone substance, as an intercurrent.

Calcarea Sulph

Ulceration of the glands. Ulcers open. Purulent sores which may result from abrasions, pimples, wounds, burns, scalds or bruises. Ulcers of the lower limbs, with a discharge of yellow, sanious matter.

Calcarea Fluor

Ulcerations of bones. Varicose ulcers.

Clinical Cases

A girl came into my office, who had sores on both legs, running a thin, ichorous secretion, red, angry and painful, which had been bothering her for four years, breaking out, then scabbing over, partially healing, then taking on inflammation, so that sleep was disturbed; locomotion produced severe pains, in fact, the sores were seemingly very severe. I at once gave her Silicea 6x and Calcarea phos. 6x, three doses each per day, bound up the limbs with flannel roller bandage, and in four weeks all the sores were healed up and the patient well, cheerful and happy. (A. P. Davis, M. D).

A. S.. aet. 16, for three years had indolent ulcers on lower half of left leg, which is red, very much swollen. Three fistulous ulcers secreting a thick, yellow pus and which have thrown off many splinters of bone. Pains principally at night. Emaciation, poor appetite. Frequent cough in morning, with thick, yellow expectoration, and considerable weakness in morning. Lungs normal. Calcarea fluor. 6x, morning and evening, for eight days, alternating with intervals of four days without medicine. Cured in five months. Externally only glycerine. No enlargement of the limb was noticeable after six months. (Dr. Hansen, Allg. Med. Zeit).

In treating a chronic syphilitic ulcer, I observed a yellow coating on the surface of the ulcer, which had the appearance of half-dried cream. After Natrum phos. the coating disappeared within four days and the patient was otherwise much improved. (C. Hg).