Note - In the treatment of hemorrhoids, attention must be paid to disturbances in the function of the liver, the digestive organs, etc., which are, as a rule, present and stand in close connection with the former; otherwise a radical cure of hemorrhoids cannot be insured.

Ferrum Phos

Inflamed piles, bleeding piles, blood bright red, fluid, but with, a tendency to form a thick, soft mass. Before induration.

Kali Mur

Bleeding piles when the blood is dark and thick; fibrinous, clotted.

Kali Phos

Hemorrhoids, sore, painful and itching.

Calcarea Fluor

Internal or blind piles, frequently with pain in the back, generally far down in the sacrum. Note appearance of tongue, etc., which will indicate the alternating remedy. Piles with pressure of blood to the head. Internal blind piles with constipation, confined state of the bowels. Bleeding piles, alternate with such remedies as are indicated by the color of the blood, etc. Tumors, relaxed elastic fibres. Bleeding hemorrhoids, bright red blood following a short hacking or hemming cough from over-exertion.

Kali Sulph

Internal and external piles may require this remedy in alternation with Calcarea flour; the chief remedy when the tongue has a yellow, slimy coating, or discharges or secretions of the characteristic type are present.

Calcarea Phos

Chronic hemorrhoids in anaemic or weakly patients. Intercurrently with Calcarea fluor.

Magnesia Phos

Cutting, darting pains, very acute, often like lightning, so sharp and quick. In external piles, also as a tepid lotion.

Natrum Mur

With smarting, beating and protrusion of the rectum, burning at anus, herpes about anus, stools hard, difficult and crumbling; stitches in rectum and in urethra after micturition.


Intensely painful hemorrhoids, protruded, become incarcerated and suppurate. Much itching, and pain running into rectum and testicles. Fistula in ano (Calcareaphos.).

Clinical Case

A young man of 38 had been troubled with hemorrhoids for some years. Bleeding piles, accompanied by chronic constipation. Much strainiug at stool, great pressure of blood to head and flushes of heat, tongue mapped or covered with grayish white coating, Catc. fluor. 3X and Kali mur. 6x completely cured.