Abdomen Feels Cold To Touch

Kali sulph.

Flabby: Calc. phos.

Large in children: Silicea.

Pendulous: Calc.fluor.

Swollen: Kali phos., Kali mur., Magnes. phos.

Sunken: Calc. phos.

Tender: Kali mur.

Tense and tympanitic: Kali sulph.

After Stool, Torn, Bleeding And Smarting Feeling

Natr. mur.

Vaccination, diarrhoea: Silicea,Kali mur.

Anus, Fissured

Silicea, Calc. phos., Nalr. mur., Calc fluor.

Fistula in: Silicea, Calc. sulph., Calc. phos.

Herpetic eruption around: Natr. mur.

Itching at: Natr. phos., Calc. phos., Calc.fluor., Natr. sulph.

Neuralgia of: Calc. phos.

Painful abscesses about: Calc. sulph.

Prolapsus of: Calc. sulph., Kali phos., Natr. mur. disposition to: Ferr. phos.

Rawness of: Natr. phos.

Soreness of: Natr. phos., Natr. mur.

Wartlike eruptions on: Natr. sulph.

Belching Gives No Relief In Colic

Magnes. phos.

Great Torpor Of Bowels

Natr. mur.

Lining membrane of, protrudes: Kali phos.

Looseness of, in old women: Natr. sulph.

Pain in: Natr. phos.

Sulphurous odor of gas from: Kali sulph.

Burning Pain In Rectum

Natr. mur.

Children Draw Up Legs In Colic

Magnes. phos.

Large abdomen in: Silicea.


Ferr. phos., Kali phos., Kali sulph.

Cholera Infantum

Calc. phos., Ferr. phos.

Choleraic Cramps

Magnes. phos.

Colic Accompanied With Belching

Magnes. phos.

Ameliorated by rubbing and warmth: Magnes. phos. bending double: Kali phos.

At every attempt to eat: Calc. phos.

Begins in right groin: Natr. sulph.

Belching Gives No Relief In Colic

Magnes. phos.

Crampy: Magncs. phos.

Flatulent: Natr. fiAos., Magnes. phos., Kali sulph., Nair. sutph.

Forcing patient to bend double: Magnes. phos.

From worms: Natr. phos., Sitieea.

In hypogastrium: Kali phos.

Lead: Natr. sulph.

Of children: Calc. phos., Magnes. phos., Natr. phos.

Pains radiate from umbilicus: Magnes. phos.

Remittent: Magnes. phos.

Congestion Of Liver

Natr. sulph.

Constipation, Alternating With Diarrhoea

Natr. mur., Natr. phos.

From want of moisture: Natr. mur.

With spinal affections: Silicea.

Inactivity of bowels: Natr. mur.

Furred tongue: Kali mur.

Habitual: Kali sulph.

Hemorrhoidal: Natr. mur.

Inability to expel faeces: Cale.fluor.

Infantile: Magnes. phos.

Hard stool in old people: Calc. phos.

Heat in lower bowel: Ferr. phos.

Hectic fever: Calc. sulph.

Obstinate: Kali sulph., Natr. phos.

Producing fissures: Natr. mur.

Stools light-colored: Kali mur. dark brown: Kali phos.

With weakness of intestine: Natr. mur.


Magnes. phos , Kali sulph.

Diarrhoea, After Maple Sugar

Calc. sulph. fatty food: Kali mur. wet weather: Natr. sulph., Calc. phos. vaccination: Sitieea, Kali mur.

Aggravated by fruit: Calc. phos.

Alternating with constipation: Natr. mur.

Bilious: Natr. sulph.

Caused by chill: Ferr. phos.

Idity: Natr. phos.

Diarrhoea Caused By Change Of Weather

Calc. sulph., Calc. phos. fright: Kali phos. relaxed intestinal villi: Ferr. phos. dark, bilious stools: Natr. sulph. excoriating: Natr. mur. flatulent fetid: Calc. phos., Kaliphos. frothy: Natr. mur. foul, putrid color: Kaliphos., Silicea. green stools: Natr. phos., Calc. phos., Natr. sulph. infantile: Silicea, Calc.phos., Natr. phos. imperative, watery: Kaliphos. involuntary: Natr. mur. painless: Kaliphos. purulent: Calc. sulph., Kali sulph. rice water: Kaliphos slimy stools: Calc. phos., Kali mur., Natr. mur., Kali sulph., Calc. sulph. sour smelling: Natr. sulph. undigested: Ferr. phos., Calc.phos. watery: Natr. mur., Ferr. phos., Natr. sulph., Calc. sulph., Magnes. phos., Kali sulph., Calc. phos., Kali phos. with cramps in calves: Magnes. phos. white stools: Natr. phos., Kali mur. with depression: Kali phos.

Exhaustion: Kali phos., Calc. phos. jaundice: Natr. phos. yellow, slimy, watery, purulent: Kali sulph.

Duodenal Catarrh

Kali mur.

Dysentery, Febrile Stage

Ferr. phos. stools purulent: Calc. sulph. pure blood: Kali phos. sanious: Calc. sulph. slimy: Kali mur. very painful: Magnes. phos. with purging: Kali mur.

Spasmodic retention of urine: Magnes. phos.

Enteralgia, Relieved By Bending Double

Magnes. phos.

Warmth: Magnes. phos.

Enteric Fever

Ferr. phos.. Kali mur., Calc. phos., Kali sulph., Kali phos.

Fissure In Anus

Silicea, Calc. phos., Natr. mur., Calc. fluor Fistula in ano: Silicea, Calc. sulph., Calc. phos.

Lack of pain in: Calc. phos.

Flatulence And Colic

Natr. phos., Natr. sulph., Magnes. phos.

Abdomen swollen: Kali mur.

Cutting pain in abdomen: Natr. sulph.

Distress about heart: Kali phos.

Fetid: Calc. phos.

Incarcerated: Magnes. phos.

Odor of sulphur: Kali sulph.

Offensive, noisy: Kali phos., Calc. phos.

Shifting of: Silicea.

Forcible Expulsion Of Stool

Magnes. phos.

To Prevent Reformation Of Gall-Stones

Calc. phos.

Spasms from: Magnes. phos.

Glands, Inguinal, Enlarged


Heat In Lower Bowels

Natr. sulph.

Beating In Hemorrhoids

Natr. mur.

Bleeding: Kali mur., Ferr. phos., Calc. fluor.

Blind: Kali sulph., Calc. fluor.

Chronic: Calc. phos.

Cutting, like lightning in: Magnes. phos.

External: Kali sulph.

Inflamed: Fert.phos.

Intensely painful: Silicea, Kali phos.

Internal: Kali sulph. Calc fluor.

Itching: Kali phos.

Oozing: Calc. phos.

Smarting and stinging: Natr. mur.

Stinging: Natr. mur.