Ferrum Phos

Intestinal worms, predisposition to passing undigested food. Thread-worms.

Kali Mur

Small white thread-worms, causing itching at the anus; white tongue, give Natrumphos. in alternation.

Calcarea Fluor

Intestinal, long, round, or thread-worms with characteristic symptoms of acidity, or picking of the nose, occasional squinting. Pain in the bowels, restless sleep. Itching of the anus, especially at night in bed, face white about the mouth or nose. Grinding of the teeth in children. Pin-worms. This remedy probably acts by destroying the excess of lactic acid which seems to be necessary for the life of these worms.

Clinical Cases. Natr, Phos, A Worm Remedy

Dr. Schussler recommends this drug as efficient in verminous affections. Dr. A. C. Kimball, of Barteville Station, Neb., reports a case in his practice with the following results: The patient, a boy aged five years, had spasms and had been treated by several physicians without benefit. After using Natr. phos.3 for six weeks, three times a day, he passed four feet three inches of tapeworm, much to the astonishment of all interested. This is the first recorded case of Natr. phos. producing such a result. It is believed that the entire worm was passed, there being no evidence of any remaining. Natr. phos. is especially efficient in cases of pinworms.