Calcarea Sulpb

Menses late, long-lasting with headache, twitchings and great weakness. Pregnancy, vomiting with bitter taste. Calcarea sulph. 6 is the best remedy for extravasation of pus within the pelvic tissues unconfined by any pyogenic membrane or when a pus-bag is formed by rupture of an abscess wall without pus finding an outlet into the pelvic viscera. Patient pale and weak. (B. F. Berts, M. D).

Natrum Sulph

Dysmenorrhcea with colic and chilliness, acrid menses, profuse with vesicular vulvitis. Nosebleed before menses.

Clinical Cases

Dr. V. W. Connor, of Lansing, Mich., reports an interesting case of chronic pelvic cellulitis, where the patient had been bed-ridden for nine years, cured with Kali mur. 3x. Improvement began at once and she gained 35 lbs.

E. S. Bailey, M. D., reports a case of menorrhagia cured by Ferrum phos. 3x. The case presented a history of profuse menstruation, the flow was depleting, no pain or local tenderness - in fact, no tangible symptoms, the condition of anaemia representing the cause in this case. - Clinique, 1886.

P. 374. Dysmenorrhea, menses late and scanty: Kali sulph., every four hours, cured permanently and completely. (W. M. Pratt, M. D., North American Journal of Homoeopathy, 1883).

Doctor Phil. Porter reports a case of papillomatous erosion of the cervix with Calc. fluor. 6x, in which the local symptoms were accompanied by a dyscrasic condition, enlarged cervical glands, emaciation and weakness. His prescription was based upon the constitutional changes, the local conditions (the fissured appearance of the cervix), and an abundant yellowish leucorrhcea. - Hahnetnannian Monthly.

Case of dysmenorrhcea with neuroses, presenting recurring neurotic outbursts, painful and intense. Intense suffering during menses, headache, etc., had had nearly every homoeopathic remedy, with no permanent relief. Kaliphos. 6x cured. (D. B. Whittier, M. D., Trans. Mass. State Horn. Med. Society, 1886).

A lady called to see me just after a severe hemorrhage from the womb - in fact, every time she menstruated she almost flooded to death. Upon examination I found the uterus hard and so large that it completely filled the vagina; this had doubtless been coming on for six years, since the birth of her child, as she complained of an increasing weight in that region all the time. I at once began to give her Calcarea fluor., a dose every four hours. This reduced the induration in four to six weeks to its natural size, and five years have passed and no return of the trouble. (A. P. Davis, M. D).

Mrs. W., two weeks pregnant, had been vomiting nearly everything that she had eaten for these two weeks. Only food was vomited, and that soon after eating. Gave Ferrum phos. I2x four times a day, a small powder dry. What I wish to say of this case is this: Mrs. W. has had four children, and with every one had commenced vomiting almost at the moment of conception, and would continue all through pregnancy. The last four or five months of the time she would have to remain in bed, being so weak that she could not get about. She commenced the same way this time, but after giving the Ferritin phos. a few days the vomiting was very much controlled, and in a month had ceased entirely, and she went to term in splendid condition. While we cannot absolutely say that she would have been the same as at other times, yet it is natural to suppose that she would have. (G. H. Martin, M. D).

Mrs. E , aet. 38, suffered for many years from chronic peritonitis and ovaritis. She would have subacute attacks, which would last for several months, confining her to her bed or room; hardly would she be well of one attack before another would be induced by a cold or some slight overexertion. Was nervous and much depressed. One evening was seized with very severe pain in the uterine and left ovarian regions, extending over the whole abdomen, which was very sensitive to the slightest touch. Pulse, 120. temperature, 104. Ferritin phos. I2x and Kali phos. I2x were given in water every fifteen minutes, in alternation for two hours, when the pains were somewhat less The remedies were then given every hour for several days, until all pain and sensitiveness had gone. The patient was kept under treatment for two weeks longer, when she was obliged to go away. She gradually grew stronger and better, and now two years have passed, and she has never had the slightest sign of the trouble, which she had had for so many years, and is well and strong. (G. H. Martin, M. D).

Miss B., aet. 3o, had been suffering fur the past two years with severe ova-ralgia at the menstrual period. She had been under the treatment of several physicians and the only relief that they were able to give her was by the use of Morphine, that being only temporary. We called late one night to see her and found her suffering with severe pain in the left ovary, of a dull, dragging character, and but slightly intermittent. Patient, hysterical and very excitable. Gave her Kali phos. 6x, in water every ten minutes, for half an hour, when patient went to sleep, nut awaking until morning, when she was free from pain Gave her Kali phos. 6x, night and morning, for a mouth; at the next menstrual period was again called and found her suffering much as before. Gave Kaliphos, 12x every ten minutes and after two doses was relieved. Gave Kali phos. 12x, once a day for a month, and now, after eighteen months, has had no more pain, and is feeling better in every way,. (G. H. Martin. M. D).

Lady about 40, anteflexion of uterus with very peculiar nervous condition. Very solicitous about health, weak, exhausted with slight effort. Irritable and easily displeased, which was unnatural to her. Had suffered many annoyances. Hypertonia of the brain and hyperesthesia, which condition made her utterly miserable most of the time. Kali phos. entirely cured, (Sarah N. Smith, New York).