Child vomits as soon as it nurses. Vomiting in morning with chilliness.

Ferrum Phos

Vomiting of blood, bright-red blood, with tendency to form a gelatinous mass. Vomiting of the food with sour fluids; vomiting of food, the food returning undigested, sooner or later, after taking it.

Kali Phos

Nausea and vomiting of sour, bitter food and of blood.

Kali Mur

Vomiting of blood, dark, clotted, viscid. Vomiting of thick, white phlegm.

Natrum Mur

Vomiting of acid, sour fluid, not food. Vomiting of curdled masses and acid fluids. Dark substance like coffee-grounds. Vomiting of watery, stringy, transparent mucus.

Natrum Phos

Vomiting of sour, fluid, curdy masses with yellow, creamy coating of tongue.

Natrum Sulph

Bilious vomiting, morning sickness and bitter taste in the mouth. Vomiting of greenish matter. Constant nausea.

Calcarea Fluor

Vomiting of undigested food, if Ferrum phos. does not suffice. Vomiting during dentition.

Calcarea Phos

Vomiting after cold water and ice-cream. Infants vomit often and easily and want to nurse all the time. Vomiting with teething troubles.

Clinical Cases

W. J. Martin, M. D., in the Transactions Penna Horn, Med, Society, 1886, reports a ease of persistent vomiting, accompauied by pain in the abdomen, cured by Magnes. phos.12 after the ordinary homoeopathic remedies had failed.

A young girl about 18 consulted me (so writes a student of medicine) for painless vomiting, which had existed for a long time, and occurred after almost every meal. The color of her face and the visible mucous membranes were pale. Menstruation was scanty and delayed. No other symptoms of importance; pregnancy was not present. I ordered Ferrum phos. 6x. After a time I accidentally saw the patient again, and received the pleasing news that the vomiting had entirely disappeared from the commencement of the use of the remedy. [Monatsblaetter).

1. F. R., fifty years old. Had suffered for eight months from weight in stomach about an hour after each meal, with nausea, sometimes vomiting and much accumulation of water in the mouth. Pulsatilla had been given with little or no result, also Natrum and Nux vomica. His condition became worse. Vomiting of food sit in after each meal some three or four hours. Ferrum phos, third every hour. This relieved the condition at:

1. H., eleven years old. Weakly and of slim build, suffered for a long time from vomiting of food, stitches in the side and palpitation of the heart. Closer examination showed his liver, heart and kidneys to be healthy. Ferrum phos. cured in four days.

3. L. S.. twenty-four years. Medium height, pale, poorly-nourished aspect, had for several weeks vomiting of food immediately after eating. Patient is weak and sleepy in day-time. Ferrum phos, in a few days markedly improved the condition; the vomiting disappeared and the other conditions were beneficially influenced.

4. E. E., forty-two years. Sickly build and delicate: four years ago had a gastritis and was cured by Homoeopathy. Since that time, however, has had a weakness of the digestive organs which troubles him from time to time. Six weeks ago a marked aggravation set in. Feeling of fullness in the epigastrium, many eructations, vomiting, rush of blood to the head and cold feet. Examination showed the region of the stomach to be swollen and sensitive; liver, kidneys, heart, etc., healthy. Fetrum phos, 3x, every hour In three days the patient was all right, vomiting bad entirely ceased and the remaining symptoms had lessened markedly.

5. E. B., thirty-five years. Suffered for several weeks from stomach disorder, with pressure, vomiting of food immediately after each meal; often redness of the face. Vomiting ceased after twelve hours' use of Ferrum phos.. and never returned.

6. L. R., thirty years. Scrawny and an;emic; suffered from stomach disorders for years. These for the past eight weeks hove been much worse. There is present vomiting of food and patient feels in consequence thereof weak and exhausted. On the twenty-sixth of October she received Ferrum phos. Four days later her condition was improved; vomiting occurred less often and the case progressed to complete recovery.

7. F. A. For fourteen days had suffered From vomiting of food after each meal. In twenty-Four hours Ferrum phos. cured the vomiting, which did not return.