Ferrum Phos

Teething troubles with feverishness, flushed face, sparkling eyes, dilated pupils, and extreme restlessness and irritability.

Magnesia Phos

Convulsions in teething without fever, in alternation with Ferrum phos. "In convulsive cases, where Bellad. seems indicated, but does no good, spasmodic colic, loose bowels, this is a magnificent remedy." (J. C. Morgan, M. D).

Calcarea Phos

The chief remedy in teething disorders. If they appear too late it should be given to hasten development. It is the remedy for troublesome ailments during dentition. Especially useful in flabby, emaciated children with open posterior fontanelles. Child does not learn to walk or forgets to walk and loses flesh. Has a sputtering, pus-like diarrhcea and vomiting.

Natrum Mur

Where there is much dribbling or flow of saliva.


Especially suitable for children with large heads, open sutures, much sweat about head, large abdomen, fine skin, oversensitiveness, imperfectly nourished, due to mal-assimilation.

Calcarea Fluor

This remedy also greatly facilitates dentition. Vomiting during dentition. Malnutrition of the bones, especially the teeth. "Spasms, commencing by holding breath, incessant crying and momentary loss of consciousness." (Dr. J. W. Ward).

Clinical Cases

Case of vomiting of food and drink during dentition, undigested diarrhoea, curdled milk, with green specks in it, much offensive flatus. During sleep head wets pillow, head small. Calcarea phot.2 cured. (Raue, Record, 1873).


Child 18 months old; hot skin, cheeks highly flushed, sparkling eyes, pupils dilated, and extreme restlessness and irritability. Ferr. phos. 6x trit., in water every hour. The first dose had a decided quieting effect, the child going to sleep shortly after taking it and the cheeks becoming much less flushed. A few repetitions of the remedy entirely removed all the dental irritation. (Wilde).

I have had many cases of that troublesome affection with children that I have easily cured with ,Magnes. phos, and Cale. phos. For the benefit of young practitioners, I will add that I generally prevent the recurrence of that trouble by treating the mother in the following manner: As soon as I see one of my regular patients having reached the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, every morning and evening 1 order the pregnant woman to take a dose of Calc. phos. 3x trit. The results that I have obtained are: first, to prevent the usual decay of the mother's teeth; and, second, to see her offspring cutting teeth sooner and without any trouble. (E. A. de Cailhol, M. D).