See also Dysmenorrhcea, and Women, Diseases of.

Ferrum Phos

Pain at the monthly periods with flushed face and quick pulse, with vomiting of undigested food, sometimes acid taste, excessive congestion, blood bright-red. This remedy must be taken as a preventive before the periods if these symptoms are recurrent. Menses every three weeks with pressure in abdomen and small of the back and pain on top of head. Bearing-down sensation and constant dull ovarian pains.

Kali Mur

The monthly periods are too late or checked, white tongue, etc. Too early menses, excessive discharge, dark, clotted or tough, black like tar. If periods last too long, too frequent.

Kali Phos

Retention or delay of the monthly flow, with depression of spirits, lassitude and general nervous debility. Menstrual colic or great pain at the times of the periods in pale, lachrymose, irritable, sensitive females, menses too late in some, too scanty in similar conditions, too profuse discharge, deep-red or blackish-red, thin and not coagulating, sometimes with strong odor. Too late and too scanty, irregular, and of offensive odor, with a feeling of weight and fulness in the abdomen, yellow-coated tongue. Menses premature and too profuse in nervous subjects. Dull headache with menses, very tired and sleepy, backaches, intense sexual desire after menses.

Magnesia Phos

The chief remedy in ordinary cases of menstrual colic. Painful menstruation or pain preceding the flow, vaginismus. External parts swollen. Pains severe, intermittent, worse on right side, relief from heat. Menses too early, flow dark and fibrous, stringy.

Natrum Mur

Thin discharge, watery or pale; thin, watery blood. "In young girls, if the menses do not appear, or when very scanty and at long intervals. Pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting of food, weakness and faint feeling, desire for sour things, aversion to meat, bread and cooked food. Twelve to 30 are the most useful potencies." (Snlzer.) Very gloomy during menstruation, with headache every morning. Menses too profuse and too early, with disturbed sleep, dreams of robbers, etc. Headache and pain in small of back on rising, better by lying on something hard.

Calcarea Phos

Menses too early in young girls, too late in adults. Menstruation during lactation. Insatiable sexual desire before, with great weakness and sinking sensation after menses; patient wants constantly to sit down, hates to get up and move about. Rheumatic pains. After disappointments, cold at every change of weather, with aching pains in th joints. For flabby, shrunken, emaciated patients.

Natrum Sulph

Menses acrid, corrosive, discharge makes thighs sore, preceded by violent, intermitting epistaxis, with colic, pinching in abdomen and burning of the palate, as if raw and sore. Sexual organs inflamed, sore, swollen and covered with vesicles. Menses flow freely while walking.


Menses smell strong, always icy cold during menses with constipation, stools partly recede. Backache with paralytic sensations. Protracted menses during lactation. Menses early but scanty; but rarely profuse.

Calcarea Fluor

Excessive with bearing-down pains, flooding.

Natrum Phos

Menses too early and pale, accompanied by an afternoon headache over eyes, with tendency to sigh, and pain in knees as if cords were shortened, also sore wrists, chilliness and restless sleep.

Kali Sulph

Menses too late and too scanty, with a feeling of weight and fulness in the abdomen, and headache and yellow-coated tongue. Metrorrhagia.

Calcarea Sulpb

Menses too late, long-lasting, with headache, twitchings and great weakness.

Clinical Cases

Metrorrhagia of six weeks' standing, in the case of a fat and robust woman of brown complexion. This person, who was a washerwoman at Grenille, and whom I saw only three or four times at my office, attributed her sickness to her constantly standing in cold water. Si/hca arrested the hemorrhage almost immediately, and effected such an improvement in one week that I scarcely knew her again the second week. She did not take any other medicine. (A. Teste).

Miss S,, aet. 72, brunette, short, plump, round body, large, active brain, intellectual, was since puberty troubled every month with dysmenorrhea, beginning several hours previous, and during the first day of flow, with severe pains in the uterus, back and lower limbs, and these so severe that they seemed unbearable and hysteria seemed threatening. In one of these attacks I was sent for. Found the patient in bed; the feet had been bathed in hot water and hot cloths applied for hours to the lower abdomen; pains no better. I Immediately gave her a large dose of Magnes. phos. 6x. In less than half an hour the pains lessened; I repealed the dose; in a few moments the patient was easy, the flow began, and went on the usual time. Next month I advised patient to begin the day before period and take three doses, and on the day period was to come on take a dose every two hours. No pains this month. This process repeated the third month; no more trouble: patient is now well, and no return of pain for over three years. [MM. Advance, Dec, 1889).


At each menstrual period a membrane, varying in size from one to two inches in length, was discharged. Her symptoms were, after the flow began, severe, sharp, shooting pains low down in the abdomen, > by lying curled up in bed with a hot water-bag on the abdomen. When the severe pains were >, a dull aching for a day or two Followed, and the next or the following day a membrane passed. With this exception was in very good health. After one of her periods I gave her Magnesia phos. cm. in water, a dose night and morning, for two days. The next menstrual period was nearly free from pain, and the succeeding one* were painless, but the usual membrane was passed. Before this she had always stayed in bed without any relief. Painless menstruation went on for six or eight months, when she got her feet wet just before her menses, and received Magnes. phos. cm. It relieved her, and she has had no trouble since. (S. A. Kimball.).

"Married lady, having one child, had every month meuonhagin; twice the flow was so excessive as to cause fears of death. Upon examination found the uterus low down and swollen; the whole vagina filled with indurated uterus; orifice of OS tender, red, stretched open about half an inch; inside filled up; outside congested. I began treatment with Magnes. phos. 6x, three to four doses a day. No hemorrhage next mouth. No pain, and in three months the organ was reduced to its normal size, and dismissed patient cured." (Med. Advance, Dec, 1889,)