See also Leucorrhcea, Dysmenorrhea and Menstruation.

Ferrum Phos. Dysmenorroea

Pain at the monthly periods, with flushed face and quick pulse, with vomiting of undigested food, sometimes acid taste.


Excessive congestion, blood bright-red. This reined)' must be taken as a preventive before the periods if these symptoms are recurrent. It prevents menorrhagia in those predisposed thereto.

Morning Sickness

In pregnancy, with vomiting of food as taken, with or without acid taste, the food returns undigested.


First stage to remove the fever, pain and congestion.


Inflammation of the vagina, vaginismus, pain in the vagina from coition. Excessive dryness and sensitiveness, spasms of vagina.

Kali Mur. Menstruation

The monthly periods are too late or suppressed, checked, white tongue, etc. Too early menses. Excessive discharge, dark, clotted or tough, black, like tar. If periods last too long, too frequent.

Morning Sickness

Iu pregnancy, also vomiting of white phlegm.


Ulceration of the os and cervix uteri, with the characteristic discharge of thick, white, mild secretions (glandular or follicular) from the mucous membrane (alkaline). Congestion of the uterus, chronic. Hypertrophy, second stage.


Discharge of milky-white mucus, non-irritating, mild. Puerperal fever, chief remedy.

Kali Phos


Retention or delay of the monthly flow, with depression of spirits, lassitude and general nervous debility.


Scalding and acrid. Yellowish, blistering, orange colored.


Menstrual colic or great pains at the times of the periods in pale, lachrymose, irritable, sensitive females. Menses too late in same, too scanty in similar conditions, too profuse discharge, deep-red or blackish-red, thin and not coagulating, sometimes with strong odor. Uterine hemorrhage. Pain in left side and ovaries. Intense pain across sacrum.


Threatened in nervous subjects.


Weak and deficient pains. Puerperal mania. Child-bed fever.

Kali Sulph. Leucorrhoea

Discharge of yellowish, greenish, slimy or watery secretions.


Too late and too scanty, with a feeling of weight and fulness in the abdomen; yellow-coated tongue.


Is especially adapted to weakly, oversensitive women, light complexion, lax muscles, scrofulous constitution for nervous, irritable women with dry skin; night-sweats for constitutions with imperfect assimilation.


Acrid, smell strong, excoriating, generally too profuse. Ijeucorrhceal discharge instead of menses. Icy coldness, especially of feet during menses. Nausea during sexual intercourse. Nymphomania. Backache with a sense of paralysis of the limbs. Offensive foot-sweat. All symptoms better from warmth.


Instead of menses. Painful, smarting leu-corrhcea during micturition. Profuse discharge of whitish water with itching of parts. Constipation, stool slips back. 21

Labor, Etc

Suppuration of mammae. Chronic fistulous openings. Hard lumps in breasts. Child refuses milk or vomits as soon as taken. Nipples crack and ulcerate.

Magnesia Phos. Menstrual Colic

The chief remedy in ordinary cases. Painful menstruation or pain preceding the flow. Vaginismus. Pains radiate from spine, relieved by warm clothing and pressure, aggravated by cold. Membranous dysmenorrhea. It is a new development of the virtues of Magnes. phos. to find it capable, by its physiological action, of relaxing a contracted uterus. 15 grains in hot water produced the effect in five minutes, enabling a retained placenta to be removed.

Natrum Mur. Leucorrhoea

A watery, scalding, irritating discharge, smarting after or between the periods. Slimy, corroding.


Thin discharge, watery, or pale, thin, watery blood. Too profuse and too early, with splitting headache, great sadness, sweet risings. After local use of nitrate of silver. "In young girls, if the menses do not appear, or when very scanty and at long intervals. Pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting of food, weakness and faint feeling, desire for sour things, aversion to meat, bread and cooked food. Twelve to thirty are the most useful potencies." (Sulzer.) Pressing towards genitals in morning.

Morning Sickness

Vomiting of watery, frothy phlegm.

Natrum Phos. Leucorrhoea

Discharge creamy or honey-colored, or acrid and watery. Discharge from the uterus sour-smelling, acid.

Morning Sickness

With vomiting of sour masses, sterility with acid secretions.

Prolapsus Uteri

With weak, sinking feeling worse after defecation.

Uterine Region

Weakness and distress in.

Uterine Displacements

With rheumatic pains.

Calcarea Phos. Leucorrhcea

As a constitutional tonic and intercurrent with the chief remedy. Discharge of albuminous mucus. "In cases where menstruation is too early, too long-lasting and profuse, often amounting to metrorrhagia, especially in slender and weakly women." (Mossa, Allg. Horn. Zeit., 1883.) Menses too early in young girls, too late in adults, especially rheumatic patients. Throbbing in genitals with voluptuous feelings.


Laborlike pains before and during cata-menia. Uterine spasms after stool or micturition. Nymphomania with heat and weight on vertex, worse before menses. Menses too early, every two weeks, with voluptuous feelings.

Calcarea Fluor

After-pains. If too weak, contractions feeble.


Flooding, to tone up the contractile power of the uterus.



Excessive, with bearing-down pains, and flooding.


Displacement of the uterus, dragging down of the uterus, associated with great mental anxiety. Prolapsus of the uterus. Dragging pains in the region of the uterus and in the thighs. Chronic interstitial metritis.