Ferrum Phos

Bubo with heat, throbbing or tenderness.

Kali Mur

Soft chancre, the principal remedy throughout (3X tr.) and also externally as a lotion; chronic stage of syphilis. In bubo for the soft swelling. Mucous patches. Syphilitic ulceration of gums.

Kali Phos

Phagedenic chancre and bubo.

Kali Sulph

Syphilis with the characteristic symptoms, evening aggravation, etc. Chronic syphilis.

Natrum Mur

Chronic syphilis, serous exudations, etc.

Natrum Sulph

Condylomata of anus, syphilitic in origin, externally and internally.


Chronic syphilis with suppurations or indurations. Ulcerated cutaneous affections where mercury has been given to excess, nodes in tertiary syphilis; caries and necrosis with discharge of offensive pus.

Calcarea Sulph

In bubo to control suppuration (with Silicea). Chronic suppurating stage of syphilis.

Calcarea Fluor

Chancres hard and indurated.

Clinical Cases

Chancroid ulcers surrounded by congested areola, grayish exudation covering surface. Deep excavations, wider at bottom, painful micturition. Kali mur6 every three hours. Improvement soon set in, the pain on urinating disappeared, and the ulcers rapidly healed. (F. A. Rockwith).