Ferrum Phos

Toothache with hot cheek, inflamed gum, or root of tooth. Worse with hot, better with cold liquids, gums sore, red and inflamed. Great soreness of teeth, feel elongated. Odontalgia.

Kali Mur

Toothache with swelling of the gums and cheeks, to carry off the exuding effete albuminoid substance.

Kali Phos

Toothache of highly nervous delicate or pale, irritable, emotional, persons. Toothache with easily bleeding gums. The gums have a bright red seam or line on them. Teeth feel sore; grinding of teeth; severe pain in decayed or filled teeth.

Kali Sulph

Toothache aggravated in the warm room and in the evening, but is better in the cold open air.

Magnesia Phos

Toothache if hot liquids ease the pain (if cold eases the pain, Ferrum phos.). Neuralgic, rheumatic toothache, very intense and shooting, eased by heat. Pains relieved by pressure, but increased by slight movement. Toothache worse after going to bed and from cold washing and cold things generally; in filled teeth. Non-inflammatory toothache.

Natrum Mur

Toothache with involuntary flow of tears, or great flow of saliva.


Toothache when very intense at night, when neither heat nor cold gives relief, and when caused by chilling of the feet Toothache when the pain is deep-seated in the periosteum or fibrous membrane covering the root of the tooth, and abscess forms. Toothache caused by sudden chill to the feet when damp from perspiration. Looseness of the teeth.

Calcarea Phos

Too rapid decay of the teeth, strumous conditions. Teething ailments during pregnancy. Teeth ache worse at night.

Calcarea Fluor

Toothache if any food touches the tooth. Toothache with looseness of the teeth; enamel of the teeth rough and deficient, unnatural looseness of the teeth. "Where the use of Calcarea fluor. has been continued for many weeks, I have observed bad effects on the teeth, suggesting its possible use in caries of the teeth, especially in children." (R. S. Copeland).

Clinical Cases

Three cases of odontalgia were relieved in a few hours by Ferr. phot. 6x. The symptoms were: Elongation of tooth, great soreness of tooth to pressure, continued pain, could not sleep, no swelling of face or gums, not relieved by heat or cold. - N. A. J., 1893, p. 54.