Atony Of Bladder

Natr. phos.

Catarrh Of Bladder

Natr. mur., Kali mur., Calc. sulph. neck of, cutting pain in: Calc. phos., Kali phos., Ferr. phos. stone in: Calc. phos. spasm of: Magues, phos.

Bleeding From Urethra

Kali phos.

Bright's Disease, For Albumen

Calc. phos , Kali phos. febrile disturbance: Ferr. phos.

Burning After Urination

Natr. mur. during urination: Natr. sulph.

Calculous Phosphates In Urine

Calc. phos.

Cutting After Urination

Natr. mur. pains in urethra and neck of bladder: Calc. phos.

Cystitis, Acute Cases

Fert. phos., Kali mur. chronic: Kali mur. suppurating: Calc. sulph. with asthenic conditions: Kali sulph., Kali phos.

Diabetes Mellitus

Calc. phos., Ferr. phos., Kali mur., Natr. phos. Natr. sulph., Kali phos.

Enuresis, Diurnal

Ferr. phos. in children: Silicea, Calc. phos. old people: Calc. phos. nocturnal: Magnes. phos., Kali phos.

Frequent Urging To Urinate

Calc. phos., Natr. phos., Ferr. phos., Natr. sulph. urination: Kali phos., Natr. phos.


Calc. phos., Natr. sulph., Magnes. phos., Silicea.


Ferr. phos from scurvy: Natr. mur.

Incontinence Of Urine

Calc. phos. from weakness of sphincter: Ferr. phos. nervous debility: Kali phos. paralysis of sphincter: Kali phos. in children with acidity: Natr. phos. while walking, coughing, etc.: Natr. mur., Ferr. phos.

Increased Urine

Calc. phos., Ferr. phos., Natr. mur., Natr. sulph.

Intermittent Flow

Natr. phos.

Irritation At Neck Of Bladder

Ferr. phos.


Ferr. phos.

Effects Of Kidneys, Inflammation

Kali mur. pains in: Ferr. phos. suppuration of: Silicea.

Lithic Deposits In Urine

Natr. sulph.

Nephritis Scarlatinosa

Calc. sulph., Kali sulph. chronic: Natr. sulph.

Nocturnal Enuresis

Magnes. phos., Kali phos.

Pains, Cutting In Urethra

Calc. phos., Kali phos. teck of bladder: Calc. phos., Kali phos.

Paretic Conditions


Polyuria, Simplex

Natr. mur., Ferr. phos., Natr. sulph., Natr.

Phos., Calc. phos., Magnes. phos.

With waterbrash: Natr. mur.

Retention Of Urine

Magnes. phos.

Secretion Of Urine, Excessive

Ferr. phos., Natr. sulph., Natr.


Spasmodic Retention Of Urine

Magnes. phos., Natr. phos.

Stone In The Bladder

Calc. phos.

Suppression Of Urine

Ferr. phos.

Urging To Urinate, Frequent

Ferr.phos., Natr. phos., Calc. phos., Natr. sulph.

Bleeding From Urethra

Kali phos.

Cutting pains in: Kali phos.

Itching in: Kali phos.

Urine, Brickdust Sediment

Natr. sulph., Silicea.

Bloody: Natr. mur.

Calculous phosphates in: Calc. phos.

Copious: Calc. fluor., Calc. phos., Natr. mur.

Dark-colored: Kali mur., Natr. phos.

Emits pungent odor: Calc. fluor.

Flocculent sediment in: Calc. phos.

Gravel in: Calc. phos., Magnes. phos., Natr. sulph., Silicea, increased: Calc. phos., Natr. mur.

Incontinence of: Natr. mur., Kali phos.

Involuntary: Ferr. phos., Natr. mur.

Loaded with bile: Natr. sulph. mucus and pus: Silicea.

Lithic deposits in: Natr. sulph.

Pus and mucus, with: Natr. sulph.

Red with hectic: Calc. sulph.

Sandy deposit in: Natr. sulph.

Scanty: Calc.fluor.

Secretion excessive: Ferr. phos., Natr. phos., Natr. sulph.

Spasmodically retained: Magnes. phos.

Spurts out with every cough: Ferr. phos., Natr. mur.

Uric acid, excess of: Kali mur., Silicea.

Yellow like saffron: Kali phos.

Yellowish green: Natr. sulph.

Scalding On Urination

Kaliphos., Natr. sulph.

Intermittent, needs straining: Natr. phos.

Painful urging: Magnes phos.

Vesical Neuralgia

Magnes. phos.

Wetting Of Bed In Children

Calc. phos., Natr. phos., Ferr. phos., Magnes. phos.