This unexplained, undefined, and incomprehensible element in man, which is the sum total of all of man's psychophysical potentialities, is the real ego. It is the power that manifests itself on the physical, mental, or spiritual plane -in its voluntary human expression according to knowledge, education, and environment. It is the intelligent life entity which, when fully awakened and evolved in the consciousness of the individual, makes him strong, independent, capable, and free.

It is the privilege and duty of every individual to manifest the highest expression and meaning of life upon each of these planes - physical, mental, and moral; to develop harmoniously as an athlete in body, mind, and character.

When this highest element of selfhood is evolved, then do mind and body become man's obedient servants - then do we discover the meaning of Emerson's expression that "every man is a divinity in disguise, a God acting a fool."

Strange talk, this may appear, to be giving to medical men, but it is the most essential truth in connection with our subject.

In the application of suggestive therapeutics we must regard man as a thing of life, of force, of intelligence, of will, and of reason, that emanates from and is a part of the central source of all life, with millions and millions of cells in his organism that are ready to respond to stimuli in the form of human personality, therapeutically the personality of the physician.

In all events, in the light of this monistic philosophy that is accepted by every prominent man of science at the present time, let us as physicians recognize that this inherent potentiality, or quality, or element is latent in every human being, whether recognized by him or not, and let us make use of this animating life principle in therapeutics, using it as one of nature's forces by conforming to the law that governs it.

The intimate relation between neuron structure and mental activity is now fully appreciated by both physiologists and psychologists. We are taught that the morphological structure of nerve elements bears a most important and intimate relation to mental activity - that the mode of neuron structure is regarded as mirroring the mode of organization of the psychic life.

But it must also be remembered that every psychical phenomenon has its physical concomitant, which is but to say that every mental state has its influence upon the body. The changes which appear in neuron structure are, then, the result of education and experience, which promote its growth and development. Faculty precedes function. Inherent in every human organism are latent faculties or potentialities which can be developed through the influence of environment and education - other names for suggestion.

Step by step it is dawning upon us that humanity is an organism, and that "the satisfaction, requirement, and functionating life activity are impossible without social co-operation, and it is only then that the individual becomes freed from the bonds of blood relationship." "In other words," say Sidis and Goodhart, "with the growth and development of social organization, organic bondage is replaced by functional relationship."

The lives of human beings are thus so interrelated that personality is but the outgrowth of experience. The life of each individual is constantly influencing the growth and development of the brain, and mind, and character of other individuals, by whom he is also influenced.

Morality, the functionating of the highest element or quality of selfhood, conforms to the law of evolution, and, like organic evolution, this psychic evolution is but the adaptation of individuals to conditions of existence. The law of psychic evolution, as of evolution in general, is from structure to function, from bondage to freedom of the individual elements.

In the light of the foregoing pages, then, you are a being - body, mind, or spirit - animated by the one principle of life from which you come, in common with all human beings,and all forms of life. You have a mind and a body such as you have made it for yourself, modified, of course, by the laws of heredity and environment. • You physically are the obedient servant, or should be, to the controlling force or life entity within. Your face and physique have been formed, shaped, and molded by your use or abuse of this inherent life force within you.

This inherent life force, question of all questions, what is that? Who are you? In the light of modern knowledge of the cosmic process of evolution, we are constrained to answer that you are a part of the universal source of all life, which you see manifested wherever you see anything, from the dead earth upon which you walk to the eyes of those whom you love, to flowers, trees, clouds, moon, sun, and stars, even the stars so far away that a ray of light, going at the rate of one hundred and ninety-five thousand miles per second, beginning at the time when, it was formerly believed, the world was thrown out into space by special creation, could not have yet reached this planet - infinite and limitless. It is referred to by scientists as "force;" Herbert Spencer says, "the eternal energy behind and within all things," the idealists or religionists say, "the God in whom we live, move, and have our being."

Think of this power of which you are a part; how it converts bread and meat, fruit and vegetables into bone and muscle, brain and blood, and how you are endowed with, or have evolved, will and reason, and other faculties of mind and character, and then dare to exercise these inherent potentialities as a coworker with infinity. Divine molecules are we, with the privilege to think, reason, will, and do for ourselves.

It is utterly impossible to hypnotize any one without getting the consent and co-operation of the self-conscious ego - unless it be accomplished by playing upon his ignorant credulity, which is never justifiable. See how we get the consent and co-operation of this, the real man, when an individual consents to relax, close his eyes, with lips slightly apart, to secure thorough relaxation, as if to say, "All right, Doctor, mind and body submit I unto you; I step aside, the door is open."