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Hypnosis Books

Reference books on Hypnosis

-Hypnotism; Or Suggestion And Psychotherapy | by August Forel, Dr. Phil. Et Jur.
A study of the psychological, psycho-physiological and therapeutic aspects of hypnotism
-Treatment By Hypnotism And Suggestion Or Psycho-Therapeutics | by Charles Lloyd Tuckey
The Nancy treatment has during the last few years attracted so much interest among men of science and members of the medical profession on the Continent, that it seems strange the knowledge of it in this country is almost entirely theoretical. The system of psycho-therapeutics has so far attained its fullest development in Holland, where in every large town it is followed by at least one well-qualified practitioner; while in Germany, Russia, Sweden, and, indeed, every European country, its position is secured by the support of leading physicians, and by the success attending their practice...
-Hypnotism | by Dr. Albert Moll
I have endeavoured to bring it into line with our present-day knowledge, and have laid special stress on the universal importance which has become attached to hypnotism and suggestion during the last ten years. I have given the narrowest limits possible to the concept suggestion, with the view of better differentiating suggestion from other psychic process than was formerly done. Relatively speaking, the fewest alterations have been made in the chapters on symptomatology and post-hypnotic suggestion. Very little has been added to our knowledge of these questions during the last few years, and it would appear that this branch of hypnotic research is fairly exhausted, though, of course, it may one day happen that it will have to go through a searching revision which will prove instructive.
-Hypnotism And Hypnotic Suggestion | by E. Virgil Neal, Charles S. Clark
A scientific treatise on the uses and possibilities of hypnotism, suggestion and allied phenomena.
-Practical Lessons In Hypnotism | by Wm. Wesley Cook
Containing complete instructions in the development and practice of hypnotic power, including much valuable information in regard to mental healing, mind reading, and other kindred subjects
-Handbook Of Suggestive Therapeutics, Applied Hypnotism, Psychic Science | by Henry S. Munro
A manual of practical psychotherapy, designed especially for the general practitioner of medicine and surgery
-Hypnotism, Mesmerism And The New Witchcraft | by Ernest Hart
The papers here brought together have recently appeared in the 'Nineteenth Century' and the 'British Medical Journal, and are reprinted by permission. They are published to meet the wishes of some who have suggested to me it might prove useful and acceptable that they should be collected into a small volume, and thus become more available for current reference than they would otherwise have been. They were so favourably received at the time of publication that I may venture to hope it is not presumptuous to give them this more permanent shape. Nothing has been written in the way of criticism which seemed to me at all substantial, or to call for any modification of the text...
-Hypnotism: How It Is Done; Its Uses And Dangers | by James R. Cocke
It is a saying as old as the hills that "a little learning is a dangerous thing." While as a physician I am ready to admit the truth of this, I think that there is infinitely moredanger to the common weal from the populace being densely ignorant of the phenomena which are daily occurring in their midst. Hypnotism is at the present time exciting widespread interest, from scientific men, professional men, and laymen as well...

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