Indigestion is always accompanied by a neurotic element, with insomnia, nervousness, etc. In numerous instances I have relieved these cases of all distressing symptoms by a single treatment. In general, suggestions should be given to quiet off the nervous element in the case, to give more plentiful and refreshing sleep, to get the individual to eat, drink, breathe, and exercise properly, as well as to encourage function.

1 This book is written with handsome fountain pen presented by that gentleman's son. a prominent jeweler of his city, who said, "When you use it. remember we feel grateful and consider that you saved father's life."

As seeing some one sucking a juicy lemon will increase the salivary secretion, so will sense impressions increase the functions of the stomach or any other involuntary function.

A young man, aged 24, had a "stricture of the esophagus" for over two years. He had lived all the while on milk, soup, etc., taking no solid food during this time. He had an enormously dilated stomach, due to the large quantities of milk he had ingested. He had been treated as an invalid during the entire two years or more, and this itself was a constant suggestive influence to keep up his peculiar psychic condition.

The day I treated this young man his physician, a most capable and excellent gentleman, had invited two consultants with the view of deciding the advisability of making an exploratory incision to find out the cause of the supposed esophageal stricture. I happened to be honored by an invitation to express an opinion in the case, and in a few minutes after I had the liberty of dealing with the young man I had him eating bananas and drinking water as rapidly as any one. A few minutes devoted to hypnotic suggestion was all that was necessary. After awakening him I advised a diet of eggs, bread and butter, and vegetables, with meat once a day, and suggested that the young man be put to work. When heard from two weeks later he was hard at work and eating anything, except milk and soup, upon which he had been nourished for the past two years.