A little factory girl, aged 16, arose at five o'clock in the morning and returned home at seven o'clock in the evening. She was about the size of an average child of 11, had been to school but two or three months in her life, and the enuresis had been constant for over two years, but she found no trouble in holding her urine in daytime when awake.

I had a talk face to face with her father and mother, in which I made every effort to burn into their consciousness the enormity of the crime that they were committing in selling their child's brain, and blood, and muscles for a price. Then I explained kindly to them the importance of air, and sunshine, and outdoor exercise, and wholesome food. I should like to have had the owners of that factory take their part of the medicine, and the state authorities also, for permitting such a crime to be inflicted upon children. After this private lecture to the child's parents I induced hypnosis in the child, and suggested that she would take exercise night and morning, and breathe deeply; that she could never urinate lying down again, that the urine just would not come, and that her bladder would not let it pass until she got up to use the vessel. I also gave suggestion to relieve the nervous element in her case.

Quite frequently I have had one single treatment relieve a case of bedwetting by suggestion in the hypnotic state. This little girl was heard from several days afterward, and had had no further trouble.

In a number of instances I have instructed the parents to rock their children from two to six years old to sleep, and to suggest to them, while going into a natural sleep, that they would wake up and call them when they desired to urinate, that they positively could not wet the bed any more, that without thinking about it they would call their parents or get out of bed on their own accord and use a vessel. In a number of cases the result of this treatment has been highly satisfactory.