Their Remedies

Now we shall describe the different Váji-Karana (aphrodisiac) remedies. Powders of sesamum. Másha-pulse, Vidári, or S'áli-rice should be mixed with Saindhava salt and pasted with a copious quantity of the expressed juice of the sugarcane of the Panndarika species. It should then be mixed with hog's lard, and Utkáriká should be prepared by cooking it with clarified butter. By using this (medicinal) Utkáriká, a man would be able to visit a hundred women. 4.

The testes of a he-goat should be boiled in milk. Sesamum seeds should then be successively treated with this milk in the manner of a Bhávaná saturation. Cakes should be made of these sesamum seeds with the lard of a porpoise. This medicine exerts the same action as the preceding one without producing any exertion whatever. By eating the testes of a he-goat with (an adequate quantity of) salt and powdered long-pepper (Pippali), fried in clarified butter prepared from churning milk (and not from curd), a man is enabled to visit a hundred women. 5.

Powders of Pippali, Máska-pulse, S'áli-rice wheat and barley, should be taken in equal parts. Cakes (Pupáliká) should be prepared with this compound and fried in clarified butter. By taking these cakes and a potion of milk sweetened with (a copious quantity of) sugar, a man becomes potent enough, to enjoy the pleasures of love like a sparrow (Chataka). 6.

Powdered Vidári successively soaked in the expressed juice of the same and dried, should be licked with honey and clarified butter, whereby a man would be able to visit ten women successively (at a time). Similarly powders of (dried) Amalaka successively soaked in its own expressed juice should be licked with honey, sugar * and clarified butter, after which a quantity of milk should be taken. This compound would make even an old man of eighty sexually as vigorous as ayouth. 7-8 The testes of a he-goat or of a porpoise mixed with salt and powdered long-pepper, and fried in clarified butter should be taken for speedy and effective aphrodisiac purposes. The eggs of a tortoise, of an alligator, or of a crab, * or the semen † of a male buffalo, of a he-ass, or of a he-goat should be similarly taken for the same purpose. 9.

* According to S'ivadása it may also be taken with honey and clarified butter only.

Milk boiled and cooked with the sprouts, bark, roots and fruit of an As'vattha tree, should be sweetened with sugar and honey, and taken; this enables a man to enjoy sexual pleasures like a sparrow. The powdered bulbs of Vtdári, weighing an Udumbara (one Tolá) in measure, and taken with milk and clarified butter, ‡ would make an old man young again A Pala measure of the pulverised Másha pulse, mixed with honey and clarified butter should be licked and a potion of milk should then be taken; this would make a man sexually as strong as a horse. Wheat and Atma guptá seeds should be boiled in milk, and taken, when cold, with clarified butter, and a potion of milk should then be taken for the same purpose. 10-13.

Clarified butter should be boiled with eggs or the testes (as the case might be) of alligators, mice, frogs and sparrows. By lubricating the soles of the feet with this Ghrita, a man would be able to visit a woman with undiminished vigour so long as he would not touch the ground with his feet. 14.

* Some explainTheir Remedies 200144 as house-sparrows.

† Here semen would mean the testes, the receptacle of the semen.

‡ Some readTheir Remedies 200145 (boiled) in place ofIn that case the boiled milk only should be taken and no clarified butter should be added thereto.

The use of pulverised Atma guptá and Ikshuraka (Kokiláksha) seeds mixed with sugar and taken with milk just milched enables a man to indulge in the pleasures of youth for the whole night without any sense of fatigue. The powders of the Uchchatá should also be taken similarly with milk and sugar). S'atavari and Uchchatá roots should also be similarly taken by a man wishing to have (sexual) vigour. A soup of Atmagupta seeds and Masha-pulse (boiled together) should be taken'. Atma-guptá-seeds, Gokshura seeds and Uchchatá should be boiled with milk and constantly stirred with a ladle. The use of this preparation (with an adequate quantity of sugar) enables a man to enjoy the pleasures of love all the night long. Likewise the milk boiled with Másha-pulse, Vidári, or Uchchatá should be taken with honey, clarified butter and sugar. By using this a man may indulge in the pleasures of the bed for the whole night like a sparrow. I5-19.

The use of the milk of a Grishti (a cow delivered only once) with a grown up calf (one year old) and exclusively fed on the (fresh) leaves of the Másha-parna, is recommended as a sexual tonic. All kinds of meat and milk, as well as the drugs of the Kákolyádi group should be regarded as being highly possessed of the virtue of imparting tone and vigour (to the male productive organs). They should, therefore, be used (for that purpose). The medicinal remedies and compounds described in the present chapter should be taken in sound health and proper seasons, as they are exhilarating and invigorating, and help the procreation of children. 20-21.

Thus ends the Twenty-sixth Chapter of the Chikitsita Slhánam in the Sus'rula Samhitá which deals with the treatment of the virile impotency.