Ab'ies Abies (excel'sa), Pix Burgundica, Burgundy Pitch. --The prepared resinous exudation, U.S.P. 1820-1890; S. Europe (Burgundy province, France). Lofty tree, 24-45 M. (80-150 degrees) high; leaves short; 4-cornered, green; flowers staminate and pistilate; fruit purple, cylindrical; scales oval. The oleoresin (Jura turpentine) is obtained from incisions made through the bark, after which it is melted in water and strained, yet gradually conforming to the container; shining, conchoidal fracture, opaque or translucent, brittle, softened by heat; aromatic, terebinthinate, sweetish, not bitter; contains volatile oil 5 p.c., water 5-10 p.c. (absorbed during treatment), remainder is resin (chiefly abietic acid). Stimulant, counter-irritant, in plasters, as a base and for support; rheumatism, joint affection, chest troubles, pleurisy, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, hepatitis, phthises, pneumonia.