Ae'gle Mar'melos, Beloe Fructus, Bael Fruit (Br.), Bengal Quince. -- The gresh half-ripe fruit; Malabar, Coromandel, cultivated in India. Fruit round, size of a large orange, cherry-red color, aromatic, sweetish, acidulous, mucilaginous, astringent when unripe, laxative when ripe, seed woolly, pulp firm, brittle, 12-celled, covered with hard, gourd-like nearly smooth rind, 3 Mm. (1/8') thick. The dried, half-ripe fruit is used, being adulterated sometimes with fruit of Garcin'ia Mangosta'na, Mangosteen; contains gum, pectin, sugar, tannin bitter principle, volatile oil. It is mildly astringent. Dose, gr. 15-30 (1-2 Gm.), in diarrhea, dysentery.