Polyp'orus (Bole'tus) officina'lis, Agaricus; Agaric, White (Larch) Agaric, N.F. -- Polyporaceae. The dried fruit body, deprived of outer rind, with 5 p.c. foreign organic matter, yielding to boiling alcohol 50 p.c. non-volatile resinous extract; C. and S. Europe -- growing on Pinus, Larix, Picea species. In light, fibrous, spongy, irregular pieces, grayish, brownish; internally yellowish resinous; fracture tough; friable, difficult to powder; odor faint; taste sweetish, acrid, bitter. Powder, yellowish-brown -- numerous narrow mycelial threads, few calcium oxalate crystals; solvent: diluted alcohol; contains agaracin. Antihydrotic; sweating from coal-tar products and salicylates -- acts upon nerve filaments in the sweat glands. Dose, gr. 5-10 (.3-.6 Gm.); 1. Pilulae Antiperiodicae,1/8 gr.; 2. Tinctura Antiperiodica, 1/5 p.c., +; Agaracin, gr 1-2 (.06-.12 Gm.).