Agropy'ron re'pens, Triticum, Couch Grass, Dog Grass, N.F. -- The dried rhizome and roots with not more than 2 p.x. of foreign organic matter, yielding not more than 3 p.c. of acid-insoluble ash; Europe, N. America. Perennial weedy grass (farmer=s pest); culm .6-1.2 M. (2-4 degrees) high; spikes resemble wheat, spikelets 3-8-flowered, 2-ranked glumes shortened or acute. Rhizome, usually in pieces 4-12 Mm. (1/6-1/2') long, 1-2.5 Mm. (1/25 - 1/10') thick, yellowish furrowed, smooth, lustrous, nodes, leaf- and root-scars; fracture tough, fibrous, hollow pith; roots filiform, brownish root hairs; odor slight, aromatic; taste sweetish.


light yellowish -- trachese, pores, sclerenchymatous fibers, epidermal cells separated by a narrow cell, parenchyma; solvent: water; contains triticin 8 p.c., fruit sugar 2.5-3.5 p.c. inosite, glucose, mucilage, malates, ash 2-3 p.c. Diuretic, aperient, demulcent, vulnerary; cystitis, irritable bladder, dysuria, gravel, fevers, jaundice, bronchitis, gout. Dose, 3ss-3 (2-12 Gm.); 1. Fluidextractum Tritici (water -- when finished add on-fifth vol. Of alcohol as preservative); 2. Elixir Sabal et Santali Compositum, 26 p.c., + triticum 26. Decoction (Br.) 5 p.c.; Infusion, 5 p.c.