Rori'pa (Cochlea'ria) Armora'cia, Armoraciae Radix, Horseradish Root. (Br. -- U.S.P. 1820-1850). -- The fresh root collected from cultivated plants; E. Europe, naturalized elsewhere. Plant .6-1 M. (2-3 degrees) high, in most places; leaves 20-30 Cm. (8012') long, 10-12.5 Cm. (4-5 ') wide, toothed; flowers white; fruit 2-celled pod, each 4-6-seeded; root 30 Cm.(12') long, 12-25 Mm. (1/2-1') thick, conical, yellowish, scaly, warty, inside white, many stone cells, central pith, pungent odor when bruised; taste sharp, acrid; contains volatile oil .05 p.c. (Isomeric with mustard oil, CHCNS), resin.  Condiment, rubefacient, stimulant, diuretic; dyspepsia, rheumatism, dropsy, palsy, scurvy, hoarseness, voliting; in infusion, spirit (Spiritus Armoraciae Compositus (Br.), 12.5 p.c.), cataplasm.  Dose, gr. 20-30 (1.3-2 Gm.); spirit, 3j-2 (4-8cc.)

Roripa Armoracia: flower: 8,   Roripa Armoracia: leaves; a, Calyx; p, corolla; a, stamen, g. Fruit     Radical; b, cauline. carpel; n. stigma.