Hage'nia abyssin'ica, Brayera, Kousso, Cusso, N.F. -- The dried panicle of the pistillate flowers with not more than 10 p.c. of staminate flowers or other foreign organic matter, yielding not more than 5 p.c. of acid-insoluble ash; stems over 3 Mm. (1/8') thick and all binding material must be rejected before powdering or using; Abyssinia, tablelands, mountains. Ornamental tree, 6-12 M. (20-40 degrees) high; leaves 25-30 Cm. (10-12') long, imparipinnate, leaflets 3-6 pairs, 7.5-10 Cm. (3-4;) long, sessile, serrate; flowers monoecious -- staminate (Kousso-esels) greenish-yellow, with 20 fertile stamens. Pistillate (Red kousso) in reddish-brown rolls, flattened bundles, 25-50 Cm. (10-20') long, or more or less loose and stripped from larger portions of the panicles, branches cylindrical, flattened, furrowed, light brown, yellowish, tomentose, glandular; cork brownish, fibro-vascular bundles in wedges, pith large, nodes with scar or branch, internodes 1-2 Cm. (2/5-4/5') long; flowers with bracts, calyx turbinate, purple-veined bractlets; petals 5, caducous, usually absent in drug, carpels 2, stigmas broad, hairy, fruit achene, 2 Mm. (1/12') thick; odor slight, taste bitter. Powder, brownish -- non-glandular hairs, glandular hairs, tracheae, pith, stomata, calcium oxalate rosettes, prisms, pollen grains; solvents: alcohol, boiling water; contains kosin (amorphous resins) 6.25 p.c., volatile oil, tannin 24 p.c., kosidin, protokosin, kosotoxin, ash 5-9 p.c. Anthelmintic, taenifuge. Dose, 3ij-6 (8-24 Gm.); 1. Infusum Brayerae, 6 p.c., dose, 3ij-8 (60-240 cc.). Fluidextract (alcohol); kosin (koussin, brayerin--amorphous impure best), gr. 5-30 (.3-2 Gm.).