Hamame'lis virginia'na; Hamamelidis Folia, Hamamelis Leaves, Witch Hazel Leaves, N.F. -- The dried leaves with not more than 5 p.c. of stems nor 2 p.c. of other foreign organic matter; N.America, thickets, ponds, ditch banks. Woody shrub 1.5-4.5 M. (5-15 degrees) high, 7.5-15 Cm. (3-6') thick; stem crooked. Bark and twigs, in irregular quilled, bent pieces, 1-2 Mm. (1/25-1/12') thick, grayish-brown, many lenticels, or reddish-brown, with short transverse ridges or scars, or somewhat scaly in old bark, thin corky layer easily removed from pale cinnamon-color middle bark, inner surface pale cinnamon, yellowish, smooth, finely striate, fracture short (young) or tough (old) in the bast layer. Leaves short, petiole 1-1.5 Cm. (2/5-3/5') long, lamina broadly elliptical, inequilateral, 8-12 Cm. (3 1/4-5') long, acute, rounded, acuminate, slightly cordate and oblique, sinuate-dentate, pale or brownish-green with few stiff hairs above, lighter underneath, hairy, midrib and veins prominent; odor slight;; taste astringent, aromatic, bitter. Powder, light-green--eliptical stomata, numerous stellate hairs and tracheae, wood fibers, calcium oxalate prisms, crystal and bast-fibers; solvents: 33 p.c. alcohol, boiling water; contains tannin, volatile oil, bitter principle, extractive, ash 6 p.c. Astringent, hemostatic, styptic, sedative, tonic; external inflammations, congestion, sore throat (gargle), hemorrhages of nose, uterus, gums; piles, tumors, diarrhea. Dose, 3ss-1 (2-4 Gm.); 1. Fluidextractum Hamamelidis Foliorum (leaves), lst menstruum: glycerin 10 alcohol 30, water 50, 2d: 33 p.c. alcohol. 2. Aqua Hamamelidis, Distilled Extract of Witch Hazel (twigs), 100 p.c.; macerate 24 hours in water 200, distil 85 , add alcohol 15; it is clear, colorless, characteristic odor and taste, neutral, fainely acid; must be free from mucoid or fungous growths, acetous odor, formaldehyde, acetone, methanol, dissolved impurities. Should be kept cool, in tightly-closed containers.