Trigonel'la Faen'um-grae'cum, Fenugreek. -- The seed; India, Europe; cultivated in France, Germany, etc. Annual herb, .3 M. (1 degree) high, leaves trifoliate, leaflets dentate, flowers yellowish, fruit compressed legume containing 16 seed; seed 3 Mm. (1/8') long and broad, 2 Mm. (1/12') thick, rhombic, flattened, brownish-yellow, large diagonal groove; strong aromatic, to some pleasant, odor; taste mucilaginous, bitter; contains volatile oil, fixed oil 6 p.c., mucilage 28 p.c. proteins 22 p.c., bitter principle, choline, trigonelline .13 p.c. Powder sometimes adulterated with ground amylaceous seeds. Used similar to flaxseed, elm, althea; emollient cataplasms, enemata, ointments, plasters, decoction, 5 p.c. (usually thick and slimy); demulcent in veterinary condition-powders.