Argenti Nitras, Silver Nitrate. Of doubtful utility; internally in large doses for gastric ulcer, etc. Possibly in 1/8 to 1/4 grain doses is applicable in gastro-intestinal catarrhs. It has been recommended in this dose in epilepsy, loco-motor ataxia, and other diseases of the nervous system; but this is simply borrowing from the homeopaths, who have employed the agent in this manner for many years and probably get better results from their small doses than 1/8 grain doses would give, as this dose will ultimately destroy hemoglobin and impair nutrition. In the opinion of the writer, 1-100 grain is enough to cover any indication to which this agent can be applied in chronic states. Its internal therapy is in an unsatisfactory status.

Externally, silver nitrate is of value, in 2% solution, in gonorrhea; in vesical catarrh, I or 2 grs. per ounce; in posterior urethritis, 5 to 10 drops of a I to 4 grains to the ounce solution injected with deep urethral syringe; in ulcers of the mouth, from 10 grs. to ounce up to saturation; in purulent conjunctivitis, I or 2 grains to the ounce; as a caustic, full strength.